Tuesday, August 12, 2008

A Closer Look At ... The Best Batman Movie... So Far.

On July 9, The Boy submitted his own nomination for The Best Batman Movie... So Far -- nominating The Dark Knight before he'd even seen it.

This past weekend, for Date Night, Sweetie and I decided to see The Dark Knight and I was very impressed. Extremely good movie, I thought. Nicely done, Heath Ledger, we agreed. Great action sequences, we discussed. Even Christian Bale was okay and no longer reminded me quite so much of 'American Psycho', I said-- since ever since seeing that movie I've had trouble watching Christian Bale because I keep expecting him to chop up some hookers.

So overall: The Boy was right; but those people who are calling it The Best Movie Ever need to calm down just a little-- remember, everyone was all nuts over Juno, too, and then waited a week and sat down and said Well, that wasn't very realistic, was it?

this is VERY good:

One final note, who are the people who say The Shawshank Redemption is The Best Movie, EVER? Seriously, IMDB users-- if you keep it up, someone's going to revoke your Internets.

TBOE has also discussed superheroes like Spider-Man, Dr. Manhattan, and also has several times weighed in on The Best Fight Scenes in Movies.

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