Friday, August 15, 2008

Why isn't there a

Two weeks until school begins, and even though we've only got one girl in school anymore-- Oldest is out on her own -- the costs of everything just seem to go up and up and up, and because of that, I was dreading Middle's back-to-school shopping... until I saw the website for Heavenly Couture, which is an excellent place to find Cheap Junior Clothing.

Why so excellent? Well, for starters, great clothes, clothes so great even a Dad can see they're fantastic, like this:

But for finishers, how about the prices? Everything at Heavenly Couture is at least 85% off what you'd pay in a store -- AND, everything ... EVERYTHING... at Heavenly Couture is $17.95 or less.

Yep: Everything: pants, sweatshirts, skirts, sleepwear, hoodies, shorts, dresses, swimwear, jackets... anything Middle -- or your daughter-- could want is $17.95 or less.

Plus, it's online, and easy to navigate on the site, so I, and you, don't have to head to the mall and navigate through endless stores blasting Miley Cyrus songs while kids text each other OMGLktThs-- and we just hope that one of the stores is next to that pretzel store, because maybe we could at least get a pretzel dog and a soda out of this trip.

With Heavenly Couture's Cheap Clothing right there on the computer, you can skip the mall, get everything your daughter wants for Back To School Shopping. They've got it all. Except the pretzel dogs. But I can live with that.

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