Friday, August 15, 2008

I'll never give up my coffee.

I smoked for years and years before quitting about a half-decade ago. I didn't give up on coffee, which I've drunk copious amounts of ever since I spent some time in Morocco. As a result, my teeth are not as white as they could be; they're not as white as anyone's teeth could be.

Midtown Dentistry has the cure for me, it seems. When the appearance of my teeth started to bother me, I went looking for something to fix it, and came upon their site featuring information about porcelain veneers Houston.

As the site clearly explains, porcelain veneers can help stained teeth improve immediately; I liked reading about them, and it explained a lot of questions I had about the process -- as well as telling why I should investigate it more.

Midtown Dentistry's site doesn't just stop there; they go on to explain a lot of other dental procedures in clear, concise terms that make sure I as a patient understand what it is I'm getting into -- and what I'll get out of it.

They even offer, free of charge, information that will help avoid going to the dentist-- like their explanation of various oral health topics, like the different kinds of mouth rinses.

They got me looking at my smile in a whole different way, and the professionalism of the site speaks well for the professionalism of the office itself. You may just see me, soon, with a nice, bright, white smile, courtesy of Midtown Dentistry.

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