Tuesday, August 19, 2008

I am 99% certain that will be a Youtube video by then.

Is it really almost that time again? Time for football, and back to school, and raking leaves... and the holidays? It seems weird, but it really is coming up fast towards Christmas. As of right now -- August 19-- there are only 90 days or so until the start of the Christmas shopping season.

You know what the start of the Christmas shopping season is, right? "Black Friday--" the day that stores love because the crowds buying presents boost profits for the year and put them in the black (hence the name) and the day that shoppers hate because the crowds buying presents boost blood pressures and... well, you get the point.

I don't hate Black Friday, though, because I get all my black friday ads in advance via email alerts, through Black Friday -- a website that posts Black Friday ads, emails people when there's new ones up, and, most importantly, lets you buy the Black Friday stuff online, without hassle and cold and crowds and elves singing the Hallelujah chorus... okay, I like that last part, but I can probably get it on Youtube, and I'd just as soon avoid the rest.

Just how good is Black Friday? THIS good: I'm going to be getting EVERY ONE of the Babies! presents through them this year. I know that for sure because they've already got tons of "Toys R Us" deals posted from the Toys R Us big book. Those deals include ride-on cars, so I can already plan on getting the BIG presents I wanted to get them.

And I can do that while sitting in my own living room, sipping eggnog, avoiding crowds, not having to lug giant boxes to the car: I'll just go to Black Friday's site (www.blackfriday.biz), click the links I want, order, and then sit back and watch those elves on Youtube.

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