Saturday, August 30, 2008


Were you bowled over by Barack Obama's acceptance speech? Have you always loved him or just begun loving him? And are you looking for a way to tell people how much you support Obama? I've got just the thing for you:Giant Obama Bumper Stickers

These are seriously giant stickers; they go in your window, actually, and not on your bumper. They're made of the same kind of thing you see on buses - -so you can post your Giant Obama Bumper Sticker onto your window and spread the word (that word being "OBAMA") in style, while still seeing where you're going.

That last part is very important, you know; we can't have a bunch of Obama supporters smacking their cars into parking meters and trees. Bad for the image.

The people that make the Giant Obama Bumper Stickers like to say that the stickers are so big, even an old, half-blind Republican can't miss 'em -- which means that John McCain will be sure to notice your support.

Now is our time... to show the support you have for Obama. Change We Can Believe In can be expressed through Giant Bumper Stickers we can see for miles. And the promise of America is just around the bend -- and it'll get here sooner if you show your support with your Giant Obama Bumper Sticker.


Sponsored by Giant Obama Window Graphics

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