Sunday, August 10, 2008

They will also help you keep track of how much time you wasted watching "Bunnytown" with the Babies!

This fall, the big project is redoing our family room. We've upgraded our yard all summer, and now I'm ready to start on the family room; it's important to do it right because that's where we spend most of our time and that's where we entertain guests; plus, that's where the Babies! like to watch Bunnytown, and I want them to be able to do that in a room that's both funny and classy.

"Fun" and "classy" are not words that typically, together, call to mind grandfather clocks. "Classy," yeah, but "fun?" Most people don't think grandfather clocks are "fun." Those people
Don't know about, the best possible place to find any grandfather clock you can imagine. Like the one above: it's a grandfather clock, and it's a fountain. That's "fun" in my book, and it combines the dignity and style of a grandfather clock with the unique quality that I like to have in furniture in our house -- it makes the clock a conversation piece and adds an element to the clock, and hence the room.

I didn't just stumble across that clock, either. I spent a lot of time browsing around their site, because I definitely wanted a grandfather clock but I definitely didn't know what was even out there, let alone the various benefits of different kinds of clocks. Luckily for me, doesn't just have a huge selection of grandfather clocks; they've also got information on a blog about grandfather clocks to teach you more about them so you make the right choice -- that's where I found out about contemporary grandfather clocks.

They've even got a gigantic selection of some of the very best grandfather clocks out there, the Howard Miller kinds -- I know how excellent those are from reading about them on the blog.

Whenever you're looking to improve a room, grandfather clocks are the way to do it -- especially if you're looking for a neat way to enhance the Bunnytown experience.

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