Friday, August 08, 2008

Think and act now; live better later.

Most people never give much thought to curing a disease until it personally affects them. But the time for women to think about curing a potentially life-threatening or life-altering illness in themselves, or even their close relatives, is now.

Women have the ability now to fight diseases that they or a close relative might face in the future -- horrible diseases like Alzheimer's and Parkinson's, or heart disease, or stroke. The cure, the ability to fight, lies in stem cells the women have in their own body, stem cells that can be harnessed through some revolutionary new procedures developed by C'elle.

C'elle provides women each month with an easy, safe method of collecting stem cells found in menstrual fluid; the process in non-invasive and allows C'elle to process and cryopreserve the stem cells for use in potential cellular therapies in the future; in addition to the possibilities for fighting off those diseases I mentioned, the cells that are saved no might also help with sports medicine or fighting off the effects of aging.

It's fast, it's painless, it's stress-free, and may help not just the woman whose cells are saved, but close relatives.

C'elle wants to help you help yourself, so right now, they're having a "Caring is Sharing" promotion, allowing a woman to purchase C'elle for herself and at the same time give a free gift of the same purchase to someone else -- a siste, best friend or loved one

To purchase C'elle online go to; use the special promotion code: 241 to take advantage of the "Caring is Sharing" promotion. If you want to know more, you should also check out the C'elle Client Testimonial available online, too.

C'elle gives you the chance to think now, act now, and live better later -- not just for yourself, but for close relatives. The potential benefits of this technology can't be ignored, especially when you consider that there's very little cost or downside to taking advantage of it. If there's a chance that by doing something now, something easy, you can avoid or cure Parkinson's, or Alzheimer's, or heart disease in the future, don't you owe to yourself and your family to try?

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