Sunday, August 24, 2008

Cool things to help save the Earth

It used to be to live an eco-friendly life you had to move to a geodesic hut made of birch somewhere in the middle of Idaho. And never shave. I'm not sure why not shaving was eco-friendly in the olden days (2002) but it was.

Nowadays (2008), though, it's easier than ever to be eco-friendly; you can live a neat life and still help out the environment, because companies are starting to produce eco-friendly products. You can buy environmentally safe and sound products instead of the usual junk that you'd use in your life.

Like a sun jar from EcoGeekLiving. On the surface, a simple Mason jar -- but inside, it's got solar cells, a lamp, and a rechargeable battery. So during the day, it's charing up. At night, the LED lights inside light up a cool blue using only solar energy.

The sun jar is an eco-friendly replacement for a flashlight, lantern or other nightlight, and it's not just environmentally friendly; it's cool, too -- click that link and check it out for yourself.

EcoGeekLiving has more than just sun jars; using their site, you could probably outfit your whole life in an eco-friendly way. No birchbark hut; no grizzly beard. Just cool things to help save the Earth.

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