Thursday, August 28, 2008

A Closer Look At... The Best Part of "The Lion Sleeps Tonight."

Sometimes I just hit on a universal truth and don't realize it right away. I did just that when I wrote about "The Best Part of The Lion Sleeps Tonight," a song I have a bit of an obsession with. (But can you blame me? You can? Never mind, then.)

I noted, then, that The Best Part was the part where they go Oh, oh, a part I figured was The Best because everyone who hears that song playing sings that part; I extrapolated from that -- yes, I said extrapolated. Just because I make up words frequently doesn't mean I don't know real words, too-- I extrapolated from the fact that everyone who hears that song sings that part, that we could if we got everyone in the world to sing that part, accomplish something.

I wasn't sure then, what would be accomplished, but I was sure it would accomplish something. More than would be accomplished by "World Jump Day," anyway, and more productive. "World Jump Day" has the downside of potentially knocking the world completely out of its orbit and sending us spinning through space, farther and farther from the sun, until the Earth is a cold husk with only the remnants of a few species living here, species that have been able to dig down into the crust and live on the warmth that radiates from the core of the earth, still boiling away, species that dream of the day when another star will capture us and we will begin to orbit it and once again can live on the surface...

... this would be an awesome science fiction novel and it is mine...

whereas "World Singing Oh Oh! From The Lion Sleeps Tonight Day" could only have good results, results that would be great for humanity (although bad for potential sci-fi books.)

Anyway, here's what reminded me of this, and of my genius in hitting on universal truths, and set me off on this musing. Today, on my way into work, I was listening to Spoon's Take The Fifth, and they've got something similar going on that made me, and still makes me, sing Oh! when it comes on.

And I sang along with those parts, (I'll take the fifth, I'll take the fifth-oh!) and got happier. So there's the universal truth: Put a little oh! into your music and the world is a little better place.

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