Thursday, August 28, 2008

Moving made easy.

I don't know about you, but I don't like people touching my stuff. It's my stuff and I worry about it. That's one reason why I've never hired movers: the thought of strangers tramping around in my house, picking up my things, trying on my clothes... well, maybe they do... leaves me all clammy. I just don't think they'd be careful with my things and I don't want to have all my stuff broken or lost or stolen.

Then again, I'm also not a truck driver; I don't even like driving our SUV, and I always end up driving moving trucks through residential neighborhoods, trying to back it up, caught in traffic, and worrying about hitting someone or smacking up the truck.

I can get around both of those phobias through using ABF U-Pack Moving. With ABF U-Pack Moving, I pack up the stuff, they drive it there. They'll bring me a trailer or moving container. I pack my stuff into it, and ABF then takes it to my new location, where I can unpack it.

ABF gives me door to door storage and door to door moving, without the worry of driving a big truck or getting my stuff stolen. Perfect!

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