Thursday, August 14, 2008

Other stuff! Other stuff! Other stuff!

The Weekly Roundup of Things I'm Doing:

The countdown continues: with Paul McCartney's "Off The Ground," I've listed 4 of the 8000 songs on my iPod... something I do just to kill time between telling the world how hard it is to decide how to eat a papaya. That's Thinking The Lions -- Life, only funnier.

Look for Whodathunkit? to return to Nonsportsmanlike Conduct! this week -- interrupting The Boy's Power Ranking Countdown To Football Season to celebrate Brett Favre's return to football!

August is Poetry Month on Babies! Babies! Pets! Pets! -- so check out Babies! and Pets! accompanied by great poems -- some of them even rhyme!

And finally, the fiction stuff: On AfterDark, Temporary Anne: Famished (Part 3) will be up this weekend, so read parts 1 and 2 while you can -- and look for another installment of Rachel's ongoing quest to find out just why she exists on Lesbian Zombies Are Taking Over The World!

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