Monday, August 04, 2008

Got work? Need Work?

One of the hardest things to do is be, or need, freelance workers. It's tough to find new jobs, and a considerable amount of money and time and effort can go into getting the next assignment as a freelance worker. That applies to any freelancer -- writer, software designer, whatever.

But it's no easier for the businesses that rely on freelancers -- newspapers and magazines have to take their chances on getting freelance writers in the door with quality materials; small businesses may need some on-again/off-again computer help, and what are they supposed to do, go down to campus and read fliers on a kiosk?

As usual, the answers to these questions are "No," and "The Internet." Granted, I haven't yet asked a question to which the answer is "The Internet," so here goes: Where are you going to find freelance jobs if not on a campus kiosk?

Answer: The Internet. Try to keep up with me here, will you?

The Internet can now help Freelancers find jobs, and jobs find Freelancers; over at The Freelance, there are listings of Freelance jobs to sort through, listings based on job type and geography and all of it searchable. With just a couple of clicks, anyone can either find Freelance work or Post freelance jobs to their hearts' content.

This site is perfect for those who are looking to get some Temporary employment or handle Creative Staffing needs. Freelancers, think of this: instead of coming to your computer and sending out dozens, or hundreds, of query letters, or doing a bunch of work and then blindly submitting it, you can search through the listings to find work just waiting for you to do it (and get paid), so you spend less time trying to find work and more time working.

Employers, it's the same for you: Don't waste time with classifieds or searches or just hoping someone comes through the door; post a notice on The Freelance Nation and the workers will come to you.

The Freelance Nation doesn't charge any commission for this, and they have different membership rates depending on what you're looking for. They've made it easier than ever for freelancers and freelancees to hook up, so to speak, so don't wait any longer; if you want freelance work, or need freelancers, The Freelance Nation awaits.

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