Thursday, August 07, 2008

See more than just the garden of good and evil.

Did you know that Savannah is where the events that are recounted in the book Midnight In The Garden of Good And Evil took place? It's true -- the strange but true murder story set out in that book took place in Savannah, and the book is as much about Savannah, Georgia, as it is about the murder itself.

Reading that book was like taking a vacation in Savannah itself -- a murder mystery vacation -- but that couldn't compare with an actual trip to the city; reading a book could never prepare me to have experienced the stately streets, the beautiful homes, the trees and monuments and just general feel of one of the oldest cities in the United States, one that has even more to offer than I would have expected just from reading that book.

Savannah is not unique in that respect; like other cities I've visited, I was drawn to Savannah because of one or two things that I knew about it, only to learn once I was there that there were literally thousands of things to do and see and experience, and that I was ill-prepared for the trip. As with many of my prior vacations, I left having had fun but also thinking that I could have had more fun, done more.

That's a feeling I don't get anymore, now that I go through With TrustedTours, I could have gotten Savannah tour tickets prior to my trip, and made sure that I saw all the best sights and attractions in Savannah. With TrustedTours, too, I could have found even more Wild Adventures in Savannah, or even elsewhere in Georgia.

I still would have gone to see all the stuff from the book, but I would have fit in all that other stuff that you miss when you're not prepared for a vacation the way you should be. That used to happen to me a lot; it doesn't happen anymore, because I let TrustedTours guide me on any trips I take to any cities.

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CharlieHipHop said...

I love Savannah. Almost as much as I love Superman.