Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Sadly, there is no information there on starting your own flea circus.

People like pets, but people aren't the only things that like pets. Fleas like pets, too, and if you've got pets, odds are that at some point you're going to have flea problems.

Recognizing fleas-- whether it's from a flea infestation, pet scratching, or even a flea bite, can be tricky; so can deciding what to do about them.

The Flea Control Guide makes it less tricky. In one handy website that's easy to navigate, you'll find tips on dog fleas, cat fleas, how to recognize flea bites, even pictures of fleas. More importantly, you'll find information on the best ways to get rid of fleas, kill them, and keep them away.

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FleaCircusDirector said...

Hi Briane, just spotted your worry that the flea control guide has no information on starting a flea circus. You'd be better off looking at the Flea Circus Research Library which has details on starting a show including suppliers of props and videos. You need to provide your own fleas though...