Saturday, August 23, 2008

I also save money by buying the BIG popcorn at the movies, and then making sure I get my free refill. I'm smart that way.

How do you save money? Put a little away here or there? Clip coupons? Go to afternoon movies?

Those are all okay ideas, but how about this one: save money by paying off only 10% of your credit cards and having the companies forgive the rest -- so you don't owe them and you don't owe that interest?

That's one of the options offered by Freedom Debt Relief to deal with debt. Freedom Debt Relief is in the business of helping you save money by reducing the debt you have and reducing the interest on that debt.

Their site explains how in detail, and gives you a chance to sign up online, but I can give you the basics because I've been reading up. They primarily work through debt reduction -- working with credit card companies (Big Credit) to force your creditors to take less money than you owe. Sometimes a LOT less; one of their top settlements on their site is getting a client to pay only $2,500 on over $23,000 worth of debt.

That's incredible.

They also offer information on other major programs, like credit counseling and even bankruptcy.

There's lots of organizations like this out there, but I haven't seen a lot that offer information on ALL the options you have, like Freedom Debt Relief does; and I've never seen one that publicizes current clients and top settlements so you can check their results.

So the next time someone asks "How do you save money?" the answer ought to be: By going to Freedom Debt Relief to get out of debt.

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