Sunday, August 03, 2008

Comfortable again!

It is something like 100 billion degrees outside. That's how it feels, anyway. I'm not sure what happened to me, either. It used to be that I thrived in the hot weather; I never felt the heat. All winter long, I'd feel cold and long for summer, and summer would come and I'd fling open the windows and love the sun and heat and general summery-ness of it all.

Then, the last few years, I lost the ability to enjoy that. Somewhere along the lines, I started not being able to sleep at night and the sheets would stick to me. One day, I was getting dressed for work and couldn't bear to put on my tie because my collar was so hot and sweaty.

Then I'd be just dying cooking dinner. Finally, I had to throw in the towel and begin to look for some place to buy air conditioners for our house.

And having done that; having installed air conditioning, I have to say that I am a convert. I like being able to lie in bed comfortably and night and not have sweat running down my forehead. I like sitting at the dinner table with the family talking about something besides how hot it is. I like being able to get dressed for work without dreading it.

I was also pretty satisfied with how the whole thing went; air conditioning is a pretty smooth business these days; it's not "go buy one from Sears and wedge it into a window." These HVAC guys have lots of options and really know their stuff. Window units, central air, they can help pick the best one for a guy who didn't want to admit how much he needed the A/C.

I still like summer just fine; in fact, I like it a whole lot more now that I can go enjoy the sun and then come in and be comfortable again.

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CourtneyC said...

I'm with you...I love the summer sun but an A/C is completely necessary out here in Phoenix!