Tuesday, July 17, 2007

The ABCs of TBOE

All the nominees on The Best Of Everything, grouped the way you like them: alphabetically-- clearly The Best way to sort things.

A Dead God's Wrath, by Rusty Webb
Ability to Restructure Something From An Atomic Level
Absolutely the Last Best Version of The Lion Sleeps Tonight.
Absolutely True (Well Almost) Celebrity Stories That Should Be Christmas Movies, Best
Actor, to Play God in A Movie Or TV Show, Best
Academy Awards, 3 Best Things You Really WANT To Know About Them
Actor Who's So Lame He's Cool, Best
Actresses People Don't Think Are Good Looking But Who Really Are, Best (List!)
Actual Best Invention Since Sliced Bread, Best
Adams, Douglas
Advice Columnist, Best
Alien Chick, Best-Looking
Aliens, Best I'm Hoping Actually Exist
All I Really Need To Know I Learned From People Talking About Kim Kardashian's Divorce.

All Your Base Are Belong To Us
Almazan, Sandra Ulbrich (author of Lyon's Legacy)
"Always Summertime" (song)
Analeigh Tipton
Aniston, Jennifer, Best
A Long Way Down
american (example of how to be one)
Amityville Horror
Andy Richter Controls The Universe
Anthony, Saint
Anthropomorphic animal superhero, best
anyone lived in a pretty how town
Apocalypse Then
Apple Martin
Apple, Fiona
April Fool's Day

Art+Life (?) Month.

Artificial Flowers
Artistic Success, Best New Measure For

Ashlee Simpson
Ashley Olsen
Atom, The
Author Who I Have Exactly 39 Reasons for Liking, Best.
Author Who Totally Lost It, Best
Avatar 2: Electric Boogaloo
Avengers, The
Awesome Ball
"A Wonderful Life," Rosa Chance Well

Babies, having. 
Bacon Sundae
Bad Santa
"Bad Touch, The"
Banana Slugs
Band that Captured Exactly What It Feels Like To Be A Teenager (Even When It's Not Really That Bad), Best
Banks, Elizabeth
Bar -- the kind you walk into
Bathtub Spaceship Creation Story
Bathroom, Best, 2011 (OPB!)
Batman Movie, Best... So Far
Beatles, again, in a different context.
Beck: "He's A Mighty Good Leader (MiniBest!)

Belichick, Bill
Beloved Children's Characters Who Are Not Quite What They Seem To Be, Best Four (list!)
Ben & Jerry's
Bell, The
Bestselling Book, Best Next
Best Best Pictures And How They Could Have Been Bester (List!)
Best New Artists Who Weren't, Four Best
"Best Video On Youtube"
Best Way To Listen To Music, Best
Big Rock Candy Mountain
Billy Pilgrim in the cave
Blogger, Best
Board Games, Four Best That Should Be Made Into Sitcoms (List!)
Body Painting: Is This Art?

Books Schools Should Have Kids Read (And The Five Crummy, So-Called Classics They Should Replace)
Bobby Darin's "Artificial Flowers"
Book About Monsters To Teach Kids That Monsters, And Books, Are Nothing To Be Afraid of, Best
Book I Want To Re-Read Over And Over Again, Best.

Book That I Think of When I Think of The Words "The Best Book," Best
Book That Never Existed (But Should Have), Best.
Book that Really Was Scary, Best
Book To Read In One Sitting, Best
Books Written By Felons, Best (guest post!)
Boyfriend on "Friends," Best.
Breakfast Cereal, Best Part Of
"Bring It On"
Bruce, Lenny
Buffalo Bills
Bungalow Bill


Cadbury Creme Eggs
Candy Bar That's So Lame It's Cool, Best
Candy That's Basically Just Sugar, Best
Capital Children's Choir
Captain Carrot
Career An Actor Has Had After Quitting Something The Actor Should Not Have Quit, Best
Carell, Steve
Cartoon Series By Matt Groening
Cartoon Which is Good At Making Funny Barbershop Quartet Songs And Which Features A Fat Dad as A Character, Best
Cartoons Which Forecast the Future (And How They Did), Three Best (list!)
Caruso, David's Career As An Actor

Cash, Johnny
Catch-22, again.
Cavanagh, Tom
Celebrity Baby, Best, Second Vote For
Celebrity Blog, Best
Celebrity I Don't Want To Get Sick of So Will He Please Just Stop Doing Things That Will Make Me Get Sick Of Him, Best.
Celebrity I Think I Could Hang Out With, Best
Celebrity Recipe, Best
Celebrity Who Remains Unspeakably Cool No Matter What He Does, Best
Census Taker
Cereal, Best Spokesman For
Character To Be The 12th Cylon on Battlestar Galactica, Best
Character, From A Beatles' Song Title, To Have Lunch With, Best.
Charleston Chew
Cheap Trick
Cheesecake Truck
Chef, Female, Best
Chia Pets
Chicken Coop Theorem
Children's book, best
Choral Version of A Pop Song, Best
Christmas Is The Time To Say I Love You
Christmas, Movie
"Christmas Of Love," Little Isidore & The Inquisitors.
"Christmas Is All Around Us," Billy Mack
Christmas (Stolen by the Grinch)
Christmas, song
Christmas Song That Has Nothing To Do With Christmas But Is Still Considered a Christmas Song, and Also That Is Not An Old Standard, "Rockin' Around The Christmas Tree' "Jingle Bell Rock" or "Run Run Rudolph," The Best
Christmas Song That Is The Product of 10,000 hours of practice and is not an old standard, "Rockin' Around The Christmas Tree,", "Jingle Bell Rock," or "Run Run Rudolph," Best

Christmas Song Which Is From A Movie And Which Demonstrates That Modern Christmases Require Something Bad To Happen, and Which Is Not an old standard, "Rockin' Around The Christmas Tree,", "Jingle Bell Rock," or "Run Run Rudolph.", Best.
Christmas Song That Has Not Been Made Into A Movie Yet But Which Should (Even Though It Is Sad) and is not an old standard, "Rockin' Around The Christmas Tree,", "Jingle Bell Rock," or "Run Run Rudolph," Best.
Christmas Songs, 28 Best (Plus Other Stuff) (Minibest, List)
Clap Your Hands Say Yeah
Classic Video Game, Best
Close Encounters of the Fourth Kind
Cohn, Marc
"Come Sail Away"
Commercial, Best Song From
Comic Strip That's So Lame It's Cool, Best
"Common People"
Cookbook, Best
Copperfield, David (the book, not the magician)
Cornwell, Patricia

Corwin, Norman
Cow, interrupting
Craze, Best Next That Kids Will Be Deemed To Love
Creepy Instrument That I'd Nonetheless Like To Learn How To Play, Best
Christmas Song That Makes Me Like Eddie Money All Over Again, Best
cummings, e e
College mascots
Colts, Indianapolis
Comedian, who's so lame he's cool, Best.
Comic book villain (Venom)
Comic, one-panel
Comic Strip To Learn From, Best
C.S. Lewis
Cultural References, Four Best To Slip Into Conversation Today

Dan Savage
Dance, as A Solution To Your Problems (Best Songs In Which...) List!
Dark Knight, The
Dava Sobel
Day to have off for a Holiday, Best
Decade, Best For Style
Decade, Best for Style, reader nominee
DeGeneres, Ellen
Detective, Television's Best
Diamond, Neil
Dickens, Charles, Best Book
Dinosaur, Best REAL
Dinosaur Pile-Up
Dirk Gently
Disney Cartoon, Best
Disney Cartoons, Four Best Stupid Questions About.
Doctorow, Cory
Don't Be Cruel
Do Nothing.
"Do They Know It's Christmas"
Dr. Manhattan
Dramatic Look, Best Variation On
Dream House
Duncan Idaho
Dungy, Tony

Easter Candy, Best
Electron Boy
Elizabeth Banks
Ellen DeGeneres
Eleven Pipers Piping
Elvis Presley
Elvis, Best Version of (Lame or Cool)
Emotion that's so Lame It's Cool, Best
Ending to a Book, Best
Espacio Sideral
Experience Second-Hand, Best Thing That Is Only Good, Really, If You Experience It That Way
Explanation for How Humans Ended Up Being Alive And Running A Planet (Best, and Only Real)
Everybody Loves Christmas
Everything Is Gonna Be Cool This Christmas
Evil Supercomputer in a Movie, Best
Explorer, Best

Fairytale of New York

Fake Musical In A Real Movie, Best
Fake Musical In A Real Movie, Best (reader nomination)
Fall Line
Family Event That's So Lame It's Cool, Best
Family Guy
Fantasy Book Series Featuring Talking Animals, Best.
Fantasy Trilogy, Best
Fantasy World, Best To Live In
Fashion Accessory To Tell The World That Although You Are Smart And All, You Are Still Sexy (Tina Fey Excluded), Best
Fatboy Slim
Female Chef, Best
Female Movie Characters, Five Best To Get Dumped By
Fifties, The
Fight Club
Fiona Apple
Flash, The
Flavor of Jelly Bean, Best
Florence and the Machine

Foods That Have Only A Tenuous Connection To The Natural World, Four Best (List!)
Foods That Should Be Made Into Movies In Which One Actor Plays All The Parts, Best
Football team
Freaky Hippy Cult That For Some Reason Is Used To Sell You Stuff, Best
Fried Peanut Butter & Banana Sandwiches
Friends: The Lion Sleeps Tonight
Friends, Best Boyfriend On
Funny Songs, Five Best That Still Rock Pretty Hard


Gaffigan, Jim
Galveston Island
Game shows
"Get Your Stinking Paws Off of Me, You Damn Dirty Ape!"
Gift in The "Twelve Days of Christmas," Best.
Gimmick/Symbol In A Book, Best
Girl Genius
God, Best New
Godzilla (as best movie monster, Reader Nomination)
A Good and Happy Child
Gossiple, Best...Again.
Grant, Hugh
Great Expectations (Sunday With The Classics)
Green Card
Green Lantern's Ring
Green Lantern's Ring, SILVER AGE (reader nomination!)
Groovy Instrument, Best
Guilt-Inducing But Still-Catchy and Quite Lovely Christmas Song That is are not an old standard, "Rockin' Around The Christmas Tree," "Jingle Bell Rock," or "Run Run Rudolph," Best.
Guinea Pigs
Guitarist, Best

Hamlet 2
Happy Celebrity
Happy Endings (TV Show)
Happy Endings: Best Happy Endings that [SPOILER ALERT!] Aren't Happy At All. (list!)
Happy Song, Best
Heinlein, Robert
Heroes In Cinema, 10 Best According to The Boy
Hey, Jude
Higgs Boson
High School mascots
Hilton, Paris
Hilton, Paris, AGAIN.
"His Dark Materials" trilogy
Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy, The
Holiday We Eventually Won't Really Celebrate At All, Best
Hornby, Nick
Horror movie
Horror movie, again.
Horror movie, again again.
Hot dogs
"Hot for Teacher"
The House On The Corner
Houseplant, Best
How To Clap In Time To A Song, The Seven Best Songs To Do So (List!)
Hugh Grant
Hulk, The
Human Movie Villains, Twenty Best (Guest List from The Boy!)

"I Am Not Your Broom"
"I am your father."
"I Don't Feel Like Dancing."
"I Kissed A Girl"
Ice cream, store-bought
Ice cream, named after a superhero
Ida Jo & The Show: "Will You Be There?"
"If Love Is A Red Dress (Hang Me In Rags)"
"If you liked it then you shoulda put a ring on it."
Indianapolis Colts
Indie Rocker Christmas Song That Is Not An Old Standard, "Rockin' Around The Christmas Tree' "Jingle Bell Rock" or "Run Run Rudolph," Best.
Indie Rock Version of "The Lion Sleeps Tonight," Best

Internet comic
Interrupting Cow
Irving, John
"It's A New Year (Just Get Along)"
It's The End Of The World As We Know It (and I Feel Fine)
Jack Johnson's "Fall Line"
"James K. Polk" (the song, not the president himself.)
Jazzy Swingin' Hepcat Christmas Song That Is Not An Old Standard, "Rockin' Around The Christmas Tree' "Jingle Bell Rock" or "Run Run Rudolph," Best.

Jell-O, Lime
Jelly Bean, Best Flavor of

Jerk Store
Jesse and Joy
Jessica Simpson
Jesus-Es, Best (SemiDaily List!)
Job to Dream of Having When You Get A Little Tired Of Having Your Own Job, Best
Jobs, For Men In Romance Novels, Ten Best (Guest Post by Erin O'Riordan.)
Joe The Plumber
And more jokes
And more jokes yet
Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell

Keaton, Michael

Kentucky Derby, 3 Best Things You Want To Know About (Whodathunkit?!)
Kentucky Fried Chicken
Kettle Corn
Kid Who Pretended To Be A Superhero, Best Book To Read If You Were

Kill Bill 2: Vol 1-2

Killer Queen

Knock-Knock Joke, Best
Kottke, Leo

Lachey, Nick
Land of the Lost
Language, Best
Lead in a romantic comedy, Best
Leni, another perspective.
Lens, As Best Superhero Gadget
Leon, Andrew
Linker, Best
"Like A Drug"
Lime Jell-O
Lion Sleeps Tonight, Best Part Of
Lion Sleeps Tonight, Best and Absolutely The Last Version of
Lion Sleeps Tonight, Best Version By A Group Or Country I Have a Tenuous Connection With
Lion Sleeps Tonight, Best Version of On a TV Show.
Lion Sleeps Tonight, Best Indie Rock Version
Lisa Loeb Glasses
Little Mermaid, The
"Love Today"
Lyon's Legacy

Man To Claim World Record On Donkey Kong, Best

Manhattan, Dr.
Man Walks Into A Bar Joke, Best Ever
Many Lives of Yelena Moulin, The
Marc Cohn
March Madness
Mariner's Revenge Song

Mark Wahlberg


Martin Lit

Marvin The Paranoid Android
Mary Kate Olsen
Mascot, Best (two in one, reader submissions!)
Mashed Potatoes
Matrix, The
Media Scare That Turned Out To Be Not That Big A Deal, Best

Melissa Terras' Blog

Men Without Hats
Men Without Hats: "Pop Goes The World" (MiniBest!)
Misunderstood Comic Book Character Who's Not Actually A Villain, Best
Modern Song about the 19th Century, Best
Modernist Cuisine
Modest Mouse Song that Correctly Applies A Scientific Principle, Best
Monster At the End Of This Book, The
Monster's Inc.'s Fake Musical
Monsters, Seven Best Society Should Be Fearing/Pretending Are Symbolic Of Things
Monty Python Skits
Morgan Freeman
Movie Villains, 10 Best According To The Boy (List!)
mp3 sites
"Mr. Blue Sky"
Monk Joke
Monk, Adrian
Movie Fight Scene, best: Fight Club
Movie Fight Scene, best: Neo vs. the agents
Movie line, best
Movie line, best (new nominee)
Movie line, best (new new nominee)
Movie monster, Best
Movie Theme Song, Best Way To Write One

Movie Weapons (And How I'd Use Them In Real Life (Best)
"Movin' On Up," Primal Scream
Music Craze that's so lame it's cool, best
Music for a Found Harmonium
Music Video, Best
Musical Instrument That's So Lame It's Cool, Best
Mutating Pandora Stations
"My Name Is Earl"
NCAA Tournament
NCAA 2009: The 64 Best Things You WANT To Know About It (Whodathunkit?!)
Narnia Book, best
Nerdy Subjects, 10 Best Songs About (SemiDaily List!)
Neil Diamond
Neo (vs. all the agents)
New Way To Become Famous, Best
Next Best Way To Become Famous
New Pornographers
New Bands I Just Heard Of Today For The First Time (Best) (LIST!)
Nick Lachey
Nonfiction Book About A Topic So Lame It's Cool, Best
Norton's Fight With Tyler (Fight Scene in A Movie)
Novelty Pop Song, Best
Number, best
Number Three
Office Pranks, 10 Best (Guest Post!)

Oh! Oh!
Onion, The (Copycat)
Oldfield, Mike
Olsen Twin, Best = Ashley
Olsen Twin, Best = Mary Kate
Orange & Cream Soda

"Page 28"
Parents Have A Conniption, Best Song To Make
Paris Hilton
Peanut Butter Cap'n Crunch
Peanut Butter
Peanut Butter Twix
Peanuts Character Who's So Lame He's Cool, Best.

Peeps Dioramas.

Pet (Best, 2007)
Pet, Which is So Lame It's Cool, Best
Phineas & Ferb
Phrase Which I Would Like To See Make The Jump Into Pop Culture Because of Me, Best
(The) Pigeon Finds A Hot Dog
Pink Floyd's The Wall
Pixie Sticks
Pizza Topping, Best
Plain-Bellied Sneetches
Plant, Best
Plants vs. Zombies

Playground Toy, Best
Play It, Sam...
Plot Twist In a Song Which Makes A Lame Song Cool, Best.
Poems That Should Be Made Into TV Serieses, Best. (List!)
Police Show, Best Episode of One, Ever.
Polyphonic Spree, The
Popcorn Chicken
Popcorn, Best Kind of
Pop Culture, Best (Unfairly?) Maligned Piece Of
Pop Goes The World
Pop (Soda)
Postseason Sporting Event, Best
Presley, Elvis
Product Tie-Ins
Prometheus vs. Zeus
Proof that My Experiments Are Not Very Well Thought Out
Proof That We Need To Think About What We Say, Best
PS22 Chorus
Public Service Announcment, Best
Punctuation Mark, Best

Queen song, Best
Quirky Chick Singers (And How To Tell Them Apart), Six Best

Rachael Ray
Rachel, The
Radio: "On The Radio" (POP!Best!)
Radio Ga Ga
Radio Tuning In, Best Song That Begins With
Ramones, The
Ranch Puffs
Randall Radic, Author, Guest Post!
Ravenna Woods
Rebecca Black's Friday
Red Light Company
Reese's Peanut Butter Cup, Best Part Of
REM, Best Songs To Prove That They Should Stand Among The Giants Of Rock and Roll. (List!)
Remade Song That's Better Than The Original, Best

Return of the King, The
Road Rage, 10 Best Cities To Cause (LIST!)
Robot In Literature, Best
Robot In Movies, Best
Robot In Song, Best
Robot On TV, Best
Robot, The
Rock Band, Best
Rock Band That Isn't The Beatles, Best
Rock Band That Isn't The Beatles or U2, Best
Rock Band That Isn't The Beatles or U2 or The White Stripes, Best
Rock Band That Isn't The Beatles or U2 or The White Stripes or The New Pornographers, Best
Rock In The House
Rock Island Rocks
Rocky Rococo
Rolling Stones
Romantic Song, Best
Romantic Song, Also considered Best
Rosa Chance Well, "A Wonderful Life."
Run, Devil Run (Jenny Lewis & The Watson Twins)

Sad part in a book, best
Sad song, best
Saint Anthony
Sand Game
Santa Cruz Banana Slugs
Saturday Night Live skit, Best
Savage Love
Scarlet Knight, Best Power
Scary Kids' Song, Best
Science Fiction Writer, Best
"Scientists", Best Way To Tell They're Making It Up
Secondary Character in A Book, Best

Secret Place
Sehgal, Tino
Selleck, Tom
"Selfless, Cold & Composed"
Sequels, Four Best That Haven't Been Made Yet
Sequels, Best (Movie)
Sex-Crazed, Best Actresses To Have Played (EYE CANDY!)
Shatner, William
Sherlock Holmes Goes Camping
Showdown between Good and Evil
Simpson, Ashlee
Simpson, Jessica
Simpson Sister, Best
Sin City
Sing-Along-With Singer
Slasher Movie, Best
Sleeping Beauty
Snack food
Sneetch, Best
Snoopy vs. The Red Baron
Sobule, Jill
Soda Pop
Solomon Grundy

Someone Comes To Town, Someone Leaves Town
Something That Really Happened, Best Movie About
Song About Girls Kissing Girls, Best
Song From The One/Two Hit Wonder "The Kings" First Single, Best
Song in Language Other Than English, Best
Song that Also Tells A Story, Best

Song that Is About Writing, or Being In, A Book, Best
Song That Is Incongruously Upbeat Despite Being About [SPOILER ALERT!] a Sobbing Cold Orphan Selling Flowers Before Dying, Best.
Song That Talks About Whether The Singer of The Song Feels Like Dancing Or Not, Best.
Song To Get You Through Hard Times, Best
Song to Play While The Hero is Running To Do Something Heroic, Best
Song To Turn Up At A Particular Point During The Song Just To Emphasize How Cool That Song Is
Song That Is Not Even A Christmas Song But Which I Am Just Going To Declare, Unlaterally, Is In Fact A Christmas Song (2008), Best
Soon I Will Be Invincible
Songs, 10 Best According to How Often The Boy Plays Them. (list!)
Songs That Show What Love Is Really Like, Seven Best (List!)
Songs That Will Make You Feel Good (and Then Feel Bad About Feeling Good), 10 Best (list!)

Songs That Would Be Really Great If They Didn't Have That One Part In Them, Six Best (list!).

Songs To Learn Science From (Since Scientists Are No Good For That), Best (list!)
Soweto Gospel Choir
Space Aliens & "Human" Abductees, Top Ten Best Facts About (Guest post!)
Spellsinger Series by Alan Dean Foster.

Spider-Man -- again!
Spoken Word Song, Best
Spongebob Squarepants
Sport, Best New
Square root of negative one
Squier, Billy
Stand-up comedian
Starbury shoes
Starry Night
State Fairs
Stinky Chair Song (aka "Da Da Da")
Story Line in The Peanuts Comic Strip, Best
Summer food
Superficial, The
Superhero: Dr. Manhattan
Superhero Gadget, Best
Superhero Gadget, Best (Reader nomination)
Superhero Gadget, Best (Second Reader Nomination)
Superhero: Spider-Man
Superhero: Batman
Superhero whose powers are so lame they're cool, Best
Superman Ice Cream
Superpower, Best

The Stand
Star Wars (the movie)
Star Wars, Best Stupid Questions About
Star Wars Kid
Stupid Questions, Best, and the Internet Sites They Lead To

Suburbs, Best Things About As Proven By "The 'Burbs" and Which Are Not As Bad As Movies And Books Claim... (List!)
Subway, Homicide Episode
Superbowl XLIII
Superhero, Best (reader submission)
Superheroes, Six Best (Reader List!)
Supervillains, 3 Best Who Deservedly Just Kept Coming Back And Should Keep Doing So.
Suite: Judy Blue Eyes.
Swing music

Switchin' To Glide

Synthesizer from "96 Tears"

Talkin' Blues, Best
Talkin' World War III Blues
Talent That I Wish I Had To Make Me The Life Of The Party, Best
Tattoo, Best You Could Ever Get
Teen Movie That's So Lame It's Cool, Best
Television Show Andy Richter Starred In That Had "Andy" In The Title, Best
The Terminal
The Man Comes Around

The Top
They Might Be Giants

Thing That Pretty Much Is An Earlier Thing, Only Better, Best.

Thing You Think Is A Number But Is Not, Best
Things I Used To Do In College, But Don't Anymore, But Should, Best
Thor, again. (Reader nomination!)
Time Waster, Best
Titan Arum
Title Character in Calvin & Hobbes, Best
Tom Hanks, Best Movie That Demonstrates He's Always Playing Himself
Tom Selleck
Toothpaste For Dinner
"Touching The Void"
Tourist Site You've Probably Never Heard of, Best
Tournament of Pets 2007
Triumph (?) over the Devil, Best... In Books.
Triumph over the Devil, Best ... in Music.
True Companion
Tubular Bells
Tupelo Honey
TV Show That's So Lame It's Cool, Best
Tyrannosaurus Rex

Undead Creature, Best
Urban Legend

Valentine's Day, Best Song For
Van Gogh, Vincent

Van Halen
Van Morrison

Versions of my life, according to singer/songwriters, Best
Villain, Best Worst One EVER (A 5-part series)

Part one: Naming the villains.
Part two: Let's Lose The Chicks.
Part three: Go It Alone.
Part Four: Sure, you're crazy, but just how crazy are you?
Part Five: What's your plan, man?

Violent Femmes
Vice Presidents Who Make Chuck Norris Look Like A Girl Scout, Best. 
Vision, The
Voyage of the Dawn Treader
Wahlberg Brother (Judged Solely on the Basis of Their Least Cool Credit on IMDB), Best
... walks into a bar
The Wall
Wavy Gravy (the ice cream, not the guy)
Way To Make Money, Best, Apparently...
Way to Tell Is Something Is Truly Great, Best
"Weapon of Choice"
Web comic, Best
Webb, Rusty
Weird Superhero, Best

"What you don't know can't hurt you."
White Stripes, The
Whodathunkit? -- Superbowl XLIII
Wiebe, Steve

Willems, Mo (best children's book)
"Will You Be There", Ida Jo & The Show

Wizards, Best Stupid Questions About.
"Wonderful Christmas"
Word, Best New

Word that's so lame it's cool, best
World Record Confirmer

Youtube, Best Video on... that you can find by searching for "the best video on youtube."
80s' Songs, Best Stupid Questions About 80s Songs In Commercials.
3rd Planet
Twenty-Ten, Best Band Of

Other Stuff:
Showdown September (2008)

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