Saturday, April 26, 2008

The Best Celebrity Baby (Right Now): An Update and A New Vote!

Way way way back in 2006, I posted a nomination for The Best Celebrity Baby (Right Now) -- that latter part of the nomination inserted because, of course, there have always been celebrity babies and there always will be celebrity babies -- at least so long as the Angelina Jolie and the Spears sisters are around. Zing!

And, as we all know, I welcome reader input here -- you are always welcome to tell me just how correct I am, and you can also nominate your own Best in your own Category if you want.

Loyal reader "Anonymous" -- catchy name!-- didn't go that far, but did offer up a vote in support of Leni -- whose full name I believe is "Leni Klum Seal"

-- and who was picked not by me but by Sweetie, who doesn't even read The Best Of Everything. Still, I honor my commitments, and so here is Anonymous' vote in support of Leni as The Best Celebrity Baby Right Now:

Both little girls are extremely cute and will both grow up to be absolutely gorgeous (how can't they be with mums like theirs) but i think that Leni has to be the cutest and as she's getting older she's getting prettier. She looks just like her mum!

Thanks, Anonymous. Your nomination is now recorded over to the right, too, and you'll be automatically entered in the year-end drawing for a free t-shirt.

The rest of you-- get Nominatin'! And I'll leave you with Leni's Mom. For no apparent reason.

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