Tuesday, May 30, 2006

The Best Sing-Along-With Singer

I was, to go with this post, hoping to put in a video of Donald Faison singing a Neil Diamond song, because he actually does an amazing impression of him. But I couldn't find one. Why has nobody posted that?

The video I have might be better, though, because it provides the original Neil and a snippet of each song. And you're probably humming along and you would be singing along except that you're at work and can't let people know that you're not actually working on your TPS reports. But you will be singing those songs, as soon as you can and each time after that that you listen to a Neil Diamond song.

There can't be anyone in the world more fun to sing along with. He's got nonsense lyrics ("And the tune can be sung and the words all rhyme, deedle-lee dee dee deedle-lee dee dee deedle-lee-dee,") he's got soaring choruses ("Pack up the babies and grab the old ladies 'cause everyone goes,") he's got rhythm, he's got guitars, he's got more nonsense lyrics ("And no one heard at all not even the chair") and most of all he's got

That VOICE! That Neil Diamond voice that echoes and resonates and is shouting and crying and laughing and you just want to imitate it and make it your own, don't you? Has anyone
ever listened to a Neil Diamond song and not tried to sing like him? No way.

I was making dinner one night a few weeks ago and "I Am I Said" came on my iPod and I couldn't help it, I tried to sing it like Neil and had a great time. And I do everytime it comes on. Right now, you're thinking of doing that: "She got the way to move me, cherry!"

So go ahead and do it. I'm sure Neil won't mind. We'll never sing quite like him, but we'll never quit trying.

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