Thursday, February 21, 2008

The Best Happy Song

While I'm on a music kick this week, I thought I'd counterbalance The Best Sad Song with some upbeat stuff. So here's a mirror image of that entry: The Best Happy Song, "Love Today," by Mika.
There's no big mystical reason why I like this song, no hidden agenda here, no philosophizing. Just music that makes you want to move.

This song is like aural coffee. I cannot listen to it without tapping my toes. If I wasn't in my office right now, I'd probably be dancing. This morning, I was tired from being up since 4:30 a.m., and I had a frustrating drive in, and then had to rush off to court for a divorce trial, and didn't have enough actual coffee. So I grabbed my iPod and listened to this song. Twice. And by the time I got through that, I was in a good mood again and smiling.

Now, it's late afternoon and I'm dragging and I'm wading through a pile of papers on my desk and people are bugging me, so I put it on again and watched the video, and started smiling again.

Everybody's gonna "Love Today" indeed. Listen to it yourself and see if it doesn't get you moving.

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