Thursday, February 14, 2008

The Best Song For Valentine's Day

I can play many songs on the guitar, with varying degrees of skill. The degrees of skill vary from "not god-awful" to "I can almost tell what song you are playing." The songs include such rock standards as "Free Falling," and "Suspicious Minds." (And Sweetie and I used to duet on "Suspicious Minds," and we were good.) I also have written my own songs, including The Big Mouth Frog Blues. Those songs, though, are light on romance, and Sweetie deserves romance.

But my own idea of romance tends to lean more towards The Big Mouth Frog and less towards the roses-and-jewelry ideal. Sweetie's learned to cope with that: for this Valentine's Day, she gave me a list of what she would like for a present. Want to see the list? Here it is, from memory:

When I told her she should put some other things on the list to at least preserve the mystery, she wrote squiggly lines, like what Charlie Brown's parents would write to him if they wrote instead of talking. Sweetie takes no chances with me. (She got her perfume this morning. She's also getting roses, two dozen of them delivered; don't tell her!)

I am, as you can tell, frequently at a loss to convey to Sweetie just how I feel. At least I was until I came across The Best Song For Valentine's Day, "A Wonderful Life" by Rosa Chance Well.

I found this song on Muruch, a great music blog, and was overwhelmed by its simple beauty. The beauty of the song, not the blog (although the blog is very good!) Rosa Chance Well, according to their label, consists of Vanessa Downing and Dean Taormina, who apparently were in a band named "Samuel," then a bunch of other bands with cool names like "The Wicked Farleys," before actually recording an album with help from two others. The label says that their music "comes to feel like a bracing hand on the shoulder," but that's not what "A Wonderful Life" feels like.

"A Wondeful Life" feels like that moment when Sweetie and I first got together -- the first time that I ever woke up in the morning and looked across the pillow and saw her sleeping there, and knew that we were going to be together forever and knew that it was perfect that we would be. It is a quiet, loving, hopeful song that in a few words encapsulates how you feel when you realize that you cannot live without the person you're looking at:

From afar, cross my heart
You were sent
By the stars.
Valentine, be mine.
We will have
A wonderful life.

When you're brave
When you're wrong
I will always lend my hands
Precious find
We will make
Wonderful plans

And it's all right
With you in this world.
And I'm all right
With you now.

And it's all right
With you in this world.
And I'm all right
With you now.

And it's all right
With you in this world.
And I'm all right
With you now.

I couldn't find a video or player -- but you can click here to listen to the song:

A Wonderful Life, by Rosa Chance Wells

I wish I could say things like this song says things. But with the song, I can at least play this for Sweetie and give her an idea of what's in my heart.

Happy Valentine's Day!
*Sweetie gave me a brand and a store, too. But I'm not providing any free advertising here.

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Also, I am aware that I previously nominated "True Companion" as The Best Romantic Song. There is no inconsistency -- that's my wedding song. So I can't go around just using my wedding song for Valentine's Day now, can I? I don't think so. You've got to mix it up a little -- keep 'em guessing. Romantically, that is. Keep 'em guessing romantically.

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