Friday, March 28, 2008

The Best Olsen Twin: A New Nominee

As readers know, or should know, The Best of Everything is not necessarily a one man show. Readers are welcome-- even encouraged -- to submit their own nominations, which you can do by emailing me at thetroublewithroy[at], or by leaving a comment, or any other way you can get it to me. If, for example, you wanted to have it delivered to me with a pizza, I would wholeheartedly encourage that.

Readers have submitted their own nominations on what is The Best Joke, The Best Mascot, and more. But until today, nobody had ever submitted a nomination to challenge the Single Most Controversial Thing I've Ever Said.

No, not the thing about "velociraptors" being fake. That's not controversial; that's truth. No, the single most controversial thing I've ever said is that Ashley Olsen is better than Mary Kate even though the two are identical twins. I said that a year ago and despite the incredible amount of controversy that ensued, up until now, nobody has ever bothered challenging my nomination.

Until today, when Allie rose to the task. Allie originally made this a comment to my post, but it's so well written and so brave of her to tackle this insanely controversial topic that I've decided to repost it. So here is Allie's nomination of Mary Kate Olsen as The Best Olsen Twin:

Well I think that Mary Kate is pretty damn amazing. I like both girls, because they are talented and gorgeous, but Mary Kate is a lot more interesting then Ashley.

First of all, her fashion choices. Yeah, people might say that she is goofy, and I have to agree, sometimes she freaking scares me, but still she is interesting. Ashley wears "safe" clothes, while Mary Kate lets her imagination go wild, and that's what real high fashion is about.

Mary Kate was in a lot more shows and movies then Ashley, but that doesn't mean that she is better. It just means that Mary Kate has a passion for acting, which doesn't make her better then Ashley, just like it doesn't make Ashley better then Mary Kate.

Oh, and the point that you made about the "New York Minute" and Mary Kate playing the rebel teen, while Ashley is a perfect daughter... Yeah, that doesn't mean that she is setting an example for girls, because it's just a movie, and there were two roles. Someone had to be the rebel!

Overall, both of the twins are amazing. I personally like Mary Kate better, but that's just my opinion. :]

Cool blog by the way.

Clearly, Allie is right about that last point. And, Allie, you say it's "just [your] opinion," but what's the motto of TBOE? OUR opinions are righter than yours. So welcome to the club of people whose opinions are righter than other people's.

And, for your trouble, I've listed your nomination in its own box at the side and you're now entered into a drawing at the end of the year to win a free t-shirt!

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