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The Best Of... Music


What's The Best in Music (Click the pics or names to go to the articles)

The 10 Best Songs About Nerdy Subjects

Tanya Donnelly & Dylan At The Movies cover "The Lovecats" (Awesome Covers Of Already Awesome Songs)

The 28... Make That 23... Best Xmas Songs, Plus Santas and Other Stuff To Make It Seem Christmas-Y.

Awesome Covers of Already Awesome Songs: Killer Queen.

The Best Unfairly Maligned Piece of Pop Culture
Rebecca Black's Friday

The Six Best Songs That Would Be Really Great If They Didn't Have That One Part In Them.

The Best Songs To Learn Science From (Since Scientists Are No Good At That.)

Best Album:


The Best Band That Captured Exactly What It Feels Like To Be A Teenager (EvenWhen It's Not Really That Bad)

Violent Femmes

The Best Band Name:

Clap Your Hands Say Yeah

The Best Band of Twenty-Ten:

Ravenna Woods:
Song One: Ghost.
Song Two: An Atoll

The Best Best Way To Listen To Music

Mutating Pandora Stations

The Best Choral Version of A Pop Song:

"Hey, Jude"

Reader Nomination: Capital Childrens' Choir, Tribute to Lily Allen.

Reader Nomination: Sacramento State Jazz Singers, "Selfless, Cold & Composed"

Reader Nomination: PS22 Chorus, "We Will Rock You."

The Best Concept Album:

The Wall

The Best Christmas Song:

Christmas Is The Time To Say I Love You

Other Christmas Songs:

The Best Christmas Song That Is The Product of 10,000 hours of practice and is not an old standard, "Rockin' Around The Christmas Tree,", "Jingle Bell Rock," or "Run Run Rudolph."

"Wonderful Christmas"

The Best Christmas Song That Is Not Even A Christmas Song But Which I Am Going To Declare, Unilaterally, IS In Fact A Christmas Song (2008):

Primal Scream, "Movin' On Up"

The Best Christmas Song That Has Not Been Made Into A Movie Yet But Which Should (Even Though It Is Sad) and is not an old standard, "Rockin' Around The Christmas Tree,", "Jingle Bell Rock," or "Run Run Rudolph."

"Fairytale of New York."

The Best Christmas Song Which Is From A Movie And Which Demonstrates That Modern Christmases Require Something Bad To Happen, and Which Is Not an old standard, "Rockin' Around The Christmas Tree,", "Jingle Bell Rock," or "Run Run Rudolph."

"Christmas Is All Around Us."

The Best Christmas Song That Has Nothing To Do With Christmas But Is Still Considered a Christmas Song, and Also That Is Not An Old Standard, "Rockin' Around The Christmas Tree' "Jingle Bell Rock" or "Run Run Rudolph,"

It's A New Year (Just Get Along)

The Best Creepy Instrument That I Nonetheless Would Like To Learn To Play:


The Best Dialogue Song:

I Am Not Your Broom.

The Best Drum Section In A Song:

Van Halen's "Hot For Teacher"

The Best Female Singer:

Fiona Apple

The Best Groovy Instrument:

That synthesizer in "96 Tears

The Best Guitarist

Leo Kottke

The Best Happy Song:

Love Today."

The Best Instrumental Song

The Bell

The Best Modern Song About the 19th Century:

James K. Polk"

The Best mp3 Site:


The Best Musical Instrument That's So Lame It's Cool


The Best Music Craze That's So Lame It's Cool:

Swing Music

The Best Music To Indicate That Good Times Lie Ahead But Also That Everything Is Fraught With Portents Of Evil:

Irish music.

The Best Music Video:

"Weapon of Choice"

The Best Novelty Pop Song

Snoopy vs. The Red Baron.

The 6 Best Quirky Chick Singers (And How To Tell Them Apart.)

The Best Part of "The Lion Sleeps Tonight."

"Oh! Oh!"

The Best Plot Twist In a Song That Makes A Lame Song Cool:

"Come Sail Away"

The Best Pop Song With "Pop" Or "Music" In The Title:
Pop Goes The World:

The Best Queen Song:

Radio Ga Ga

The Best REM Songs That Prove They Should Stand Among The Giants of Rock and Roll.

The Best Robot In Song:

The Robot

The Best Rock and Roll Song:

Paradise By The Dashboard Lights

The Best Rock Band:
The Beatles

The Best Rock Band That Isn't The Beatles:


The Best Rock Band That Isn't The Beatles or U2:

The White Stripes

The Best Rock Band That Isn't The Beatles or U2 or The White Stripes:

The New Pornographers

The Best Rock Band That Isn't The Beatles Or U2 or The White Stripes Or The New Pornographers:

The Ramones

The Best Rock Star (50's-60's)


The Best Romantic Song:

True Companion, Marc Cohn

Tupelo Honey, Van Morrison

The Best Sad Song:

"If Love Is A Red Dress (Hang Me In Rags)"

The Best Sing-Along-With Singer

Neil Diamond

The Best Song About Girls Kissing Other Girls

Jill Sobule's "I Kissed A Girl."

The Best Song For Valentine's Day

"A Wonderful Life," Rosa Chance Well

The Best Song From A Commercial:

The Stinky Chair Song (aka "Da Da Da" by Trio)

The Best Song From The One/Two Hit Wonder "The Kings" First Single

Switchin' To Glide

The Best Song In A Language Other Than English:

Espacio Sideral

The Best Song My Parents Would Have Had A Conniption About:

"The Bad Touch"

The Best Song That Barely Exists:

I Am Not Your Broom

The Best Song That Begins With A Radio Tuning In

"Mr Blue Sky."

The Best Song That Is About Writing, or Being In, A Book

"Page 28"

The Best Song That Is Incongruously Upbeat Despite Being About [SPOILER ALERT] A Sobbing, Cold Orphan Selling Flowers Before Dying.

"Artificial Flowers"

The 10 Best Songs That Will Make You Feel Good (And Then Feel Bad About Feeling Good.)

UPDATE: Reader Nomination!

The Best Song Remake That's Better Than the Original

"Don't Be Cruel," Cheap Trick

The Best Song That Also Tells A Story:

The Mariner's Revenge Song

The Best Song That Talks About Whether The Singer Of The Song Feels Like Dancing Or Not.

I Don't Feel Like Dancing.

The Best Song To Get You Through Hard Times:

Fall Line

The Best Song To Play While The Hero Is Running To Do Something Heroic:

Music for a Found Harmonium.

The Best Song To Turn Up At A Particular Point Just To Emphasize How Cool That Song Is:

"Common People."

The Best Spoken Word Song:

Cheesecake Truck

The Best Talkin' Blues

Talkin' World War III Blues.

The Best Title Character From A Beatles' Song To Have Lunch With

Bungalow Bill

The Best Triumph Over The Devil... In Music.

"Run, Devil Run."

The Best Versions of My Life According to Singer/Songwriters

The Best Versions of "The Lion Sleeps Tonight..."

The Best And Absolutely the Last Best Version: Family Band.

On a TV show: Friends:

The Best Indie Rock Version: REM's

The Best Version by A Group Or Country I Have A Tenuous Connection With: The Soweto Gospel Choir Versions

The Seven Best Songs To Teach Yourself How To Clap Along With Songs

The Seven Best Songs That Show What Love Is Really Like


Three of The Best Bands I Just Heard Of Today For the First Time (List!)

The Four Best Best New Artists Who Weren't.

The Ten Best Songs, According To How Often The Boy Plays Them.

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