Saturday, July 07, 2007

The Best Of... Things That Don't Fit Other Categories

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The Best of Everything That's Not Something

Can't Decide What To Wear? Body-painting as art. (Is This Art?)

The Best (Unfairly?) Maligned Piece of Pop Culture
Rebecca Black's Friday.

The Best Tattoo You Could Ever Get

The Best Blogger:

The Best Celebrity Blog:

The Best Magazine... Make That Copycat

The Onion.

The Best Day To Have Off For A Holiday:

The Best Decade For Style:

The 1950s.

The 1920s-1940s:

The Best Explorer.

The Best Family Event That's So Lame It's Cool:
State Fairs.

The Best Fashion Accessory To Tell The World That Although You Are Smart And All, You Are Still Sexy (Tina Fey Excluded).

The Best Freaky Hippy Cult That For Some Reason Is Used To Sell You Stuff.

The Polyphonic Spree

The Best Gift In "The 12 Days of Christmas:"

Eleven Pipers Piping.

The Best Holiday That Eventually We Won't Really Celebrate At All.

The Best Job To Dream of Having When You Get A Little Tired Of Having Your Own Job.

The Best Joke:

The Best Kind of Joke

The Best Language:

Spanish (Reader Nomination.)

The Best Linker:


The Best Man To Claim A World Record Score On Donkey Kong:

Steve Wiebe

The Best Mascot:
The Rock Island Rocks

Santa Cruz Banana Slugs (Reader submission!)

Bubblers, and Canners (reader submissions!)

The Best Media Scare That Turned Out To Be Not That Big A Deal:


The Seven Best Monsters Society Should Be Fearing/Pretending Are Symbolic Of Stuff.

The Best New Word:


The Best Number:

The Best Pet
Casey: 2007.

The Best Pet Which Is So Lame It's Cool:
Guinea pigs

The Best Phrase That I Would Like To See Make The Jump Into Pop Culture Because of Me:
Shoulda put a ring on it.

The Best Plant:

The Titan Arum

The Best Proof That My Experiments Are Not Very Well Thought Out.
Mahna. Mahna.

The Best Proof That We Need To Think More About What We Say:
What you don't know can't hurt you.

The Best Public Service Announcement:
"Secret Place."

The Best Punctuation Mark:


The Best REAL Dinosaur

Tyrannosaurus Rex

The Best Saint:
Saint Anthony

The Best Showdown Between Good And Evil:
The Apocalypse.

The Best Stupid Questions (And The Internet Sites They Lead To)

The Best Talent That I Wish I Had To Make Me The Life Of The Party:


The Best Talk Radio Host:

The Best Thing That I Don’t Really Know What It Is But Find Weirdly Compelling and Like It:
All Your Base Are Belong To Us

The Best Thing You Think Is A Number But Is Not:

The Best Time Waster:

Sand Game.

The Best Tourist Site You've Probably Never Heard Of:
The Rock In The House

The Best Undead Creature

The Best Urban Legend:

Lime Jell-O Gives Off Brain Waves

The Best Variation On "Dramatic Look."


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