Sunday, April 02, 2006

The Best Ending to a Romantic Movie

I'm not a big fan of Romantic Movies as a general rule; I find them kind of sappy. My idea of romance is not the drippy "Ice Castles" version; I like a little zing in it, a little humor. But from the first time I ever watched Green Card I loved it, and I loved it because of the ending. SPOILER ALERT, although if you haven't seen it by now it's not much of a spoiler since the movie is 16 years old. But here's the spoiler: You know all the way through that Gerard Depardieu and Andie MacDowell are going to fall in love. You know that they're going to get tested by the INS. And they do, and Gerard screws it up, and he's going to get deported. And at the end they let Andie see him one more time, and he's being led away, and she yells "No," and throws herself at him.

And they lead him away! They don't take the easy way out and have the INS guys look the other way and take his cuffs off and everyone goes for pie. They take him away, and that's what makes it the greatest romantic movie ending ever. Because it's so bittersweet, so sad, and so happy at the same time. You walk out happy that they fell in love and sad that they were torn apart, and hopeful that they'll work it out (sometime after the cameras stop rolling) and fearful that they won't. And that is what love feels like, happy and sad and hopeful and fearful all at once.

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