Sunday, April 15, 2007

The Best Basketball Shoe

If you came here looking for the essay The Best Basketball Shoe, I'm sorry to disappoint you; that's been taken down and will appear in my upcoming collection.

You've got some other options, though. You can browse around the other topics here (click this link to see an alphabetical list of everything I've ever discussed), or you could browse the books I've published already, including a great sci-fi/horror novel and two different essay collections.

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Anonymous said...

I feel compelled to comment that you are an idiot if you think that $15 shoes can affect your game.

Nonetheless, the fact that $15 basketball shoes are marketed by an NBA star is a miracle. "The Boy" might have let you score a couple of those points, not the shoes. I was led to this blog by google and was disappointed by its quality so I feel compelled to respond harshly.

If you really want to improve your game on the cheap watch some Pistol Pete Shooting videos on YouTube. In the spirit of the late Pistol Pete, practice makes the player not the shoes.

The Trouble With Roy said...

I don't need to improve my game -- I've got the shoes! And The Boy would never let me score; it's a point of pride with him.

But tell me this: If shoes DON'T improve performance in an athletic event, then why don't all athletes simply wear sandals?

Anonymous said...

Basketball shoes are for basketball, sandals are for w.e the heck sandals are for. Basketball shoes lock ur ankles so u don't end up with broken ones. Some basketball shoes can tailor to your performance. I am a point guard so I prefer Nike Zoom Airs which cost over 100 dollars. However I can easily play in a pair of casual lowtop adidas superstars, I just end up with blisters and every once in a while my shoes will fall off . Basketball shoes will never make your shot "better" it can make you feel more comfy taking your shot but it will never give you explosiveness etc.

Converse UK said...

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Anonymous said...

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