Friday, January 26, 2007

The Best Horror Movie, New Nominee

I'm still getting the hang of the comments, and learned this morning that over on The Best Of Everything and on Thinking The Lions that there were comments from readers, so PLEASE don't think I'm not paying attention. I pay attention; I'm just very bad at what my nephew and now I call "'Puting."

Anyway, here's another comment I discovered today from Allex Spires, disputing Susan's nomination of Hostel for The Best Horror Movie, and putting in his own:

(I've inserted the pictures; Allex did the writing.)

What the hell was that?? How is that even considerable as horror? It's just special effect snuff. Horror is putting a man in front of a mirror, removing his eyelids, cutting of his nose, his ears, cutting out his lips and cheeks, removing an eye, letting him vomit into his wounds... BURNING! And then, sending him home to see if he is still loved.

Cutting off an artist's hands. And letting her live.

Chewing on a spoonful from a bowl of teeth... THAT's horror. This is just extravagant murder.

Horror is torturing a person and then letting killing them slowly. A slit throat, what a waste of time, the character didn't even have time to reflect on his failure.

Sin City. That is HORROR.

Allex Spires


What Allex sets out is, in fact, horrifying. I take a more traditional view of horror myself, dividing horror into genres such as "horror" (like Poltergeist or The Amityville Horror) and "slasher" (think Halloween or Friday the 13th) and "torture" (Hostel, Saw.) But people seem to want to group them all together.

Sin City, now, is a new type of entry altogether. I would have lumped Sin City into Modern Crime, like Pulp Fiction, Go, or Snatch (all great movies), but if Allex wants to nominate it for horror, horror it is.

This category is bulking up. Keep it going, everyone!

And, for your bonus viewing pleasure, a parody of Sin City's trailer:

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