Saturday, May 20, 2006

The Best Happy Celebrity

So not to make this about my adventures in blogging and programming, about which you would be better served reading Thinking the Lions or my Myspace blog (not that they talk about that too much, either, but those are more about me and less about thing that are The Best) but I spent way too much time trying to format this one today. I wanted it to be a column of pictures on the left and the words on the right.

It won't be, because I can't figure out how to do that and I do have a life. All of which is secondary, or tertiary, to the actual point of this nomination (and remember, these are nominations so far, although if nobody else ever nominates then I will be the last word on what is the best) which is to put up a nominee for the Best Happy Celebrity.

She is pretty. She is also a good actress, from what I've seen of her, which is not much. I've seen her in the Slither previews. I guess I saw her in Seabiscuit but I don't remember that. She was in The Heights, which I'll never see. And I saw her in The Forty Year Old Virgin (you can get a brief glimpse of her in the trailer below). And most recently, she was in what will probably be the last episode of Scrubs, where she didn't laugh or smile as much as she had in Virgin but she still did a fair amount of that, and as I was watching that episode, I thought to myself,

Is there a celebrity anywhere who has as charming of a smile, as engaging of a laugh, as invitingly warm body language as Elizabeth Banks? Just seeing her smile makes you want to be in on the joke and smile with her. She deserves more fame than she has, I think because she does a good job of acting, but more because it's just fun to watch her be happy on the screen.

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