Wednesday, August 08, 2007

The Best Poem

You came here looking for The Best Poem; but that essay has been removed and will appear in my upcoming book Do Pizza Samples Really Exist? Look for news of that soon, and in the meantime, Click here to see all the other topics I’ve ever discussed!

Did she really say I would be likely to get a crocodile to babysit the kids? "
Thinking The Lions and 117* Other Ways To Look At Life (Give Or Take) is for sale... all the great essays that no longer appear on this website. The funny (My Christmas Tree Rules!), the timeless ("I Even Have Some Warning Labels Left Over") and the earth-shatteringly tremendous (Velociraptors, My Butt!) are all here. Relive old times with me, The Boy, Older and Middle, Mr F and Mr Bunches, and, of course, the ever-patient Sweetie! All true, all real... and all funny.
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Ashanti White said...

Spoken Word is to be heard, not read. I challenge you to attend an event of well established authors to understand the poetic form. I, too, am an accomplished poet AND spoken word artist who has won awards for my work. Try an event, hear true srtists, and tell me what you think.