Wednesday, July 25, 2007

The Best Of ... Celebrities!

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The Best of...


I like my hot women with a side of uncomfortable questions. (Eye Candy)

All I Really Need To Know I Learned From People Talking About Kim Kardashian's Divorce.

The Best Jennifer Aniston

The Best New God.

Michael Keaton

The (Now Revoked) Best Actor to Play God In A Movie Or TV Show:

Morgan Freeman

The Best Actor Who's So Lame He's Cool:

Tom Cavanagh

The Best Career An Actor Has Had After Quitting Something The Actor Should Not Have Quit:

David Caruso

The Best Celebrity Baby:

The Best Celebrity Hairstyle:

The Rachel

The Best Celebrity I Don't Want to Get Sick of So Will He Please Just Stop Doing Things That Will Make Me Get Sick of Him?

Steve Carell

The Best Celebrity I Think I Could Hang Out With:

Nick Lachey

The Best Celebrity Who Remains Unspeakably Cool No Matter What He Does:

William Shatner

The Best Comedian Who's So Lame He's Cool:

Jim Gaffigan

The Best Elvis

Lame Elvis

The Best Gossiple:

Paris Hilton

And Paris Hilton AGAIN!

The Best Happy Celebrity:

Elizabeth Banks

The Best Internet Celebrity:

Star Wars Kid

The Best-Looking Science Fiction Alien Chick:

Number Three

The Best Olsen Twin:


Mary Kate

The Best Simpson Sister:


The Best Stand-Up Comedian

Ellen Degeneres

The Best Wahlberg Brother (As Judged Solely on The Basis of Their Least-Cool Credit on IMDB)

Mark Wahlberg

The Next Best Way To Become Famous (And The Best Celebrities To Try This On)

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