Monday, July 03, 2006

The Best Horror Movie Ever, New Nominee!

I CANNOT believe it. My opinion is being challenged, and not in a very meek way, either. Susan, who has also weighed in on the best fight scene now has gone and read my entry for The Best Horror Movie Ever and has come up with a
contrary opinion?

So I suppose I'll allow not just nominations but comments and dissents, and I'll post what Susan has to say, and we'll let free speech reign and the public decide:

[responding to my nomination about The Amityville Horror]

Oh man. No way. I have to step up in the name of good horror movies ever and tell you that, that movie and all its sequels and the remake were all horrible. Yes I said ALL horrible. I like horror movies so much its hard for me to decide on just one nomination... Not to mention the fact that there are so many different categories of horror movies. I could probably nominate one from every type of horror movie, but I'll just go with my most recent favorite.

Hostel was an amazing movie in general but it was a really great horror movie. I mean how many horror movies have you ever watched and were actually intrigued by the plot line? Not to mention there were plenty of guts and death to go around and of course enough jumpy parts to make the girls scream in the theater. I just loved it because it actually made me nauseous. :)

To show what she's talking about, here's a clip I pulled:

So there it is. The second nominee for The Best Horror Movie Ever. Like I said, we'll let free speech reign and allow the public to decide that I'm right.


Anonymous said...

What the hell was that?? How is that even considerable as horror? It's just special effect snuff. Horror is putting a man in front of a mirror, removing his eyelids, cutting of his nose, his ears, cutting out his lips and cheeks, removing an eye, letting him vomit into his wounds... BURNING! And then, sending him home to see if he is still loved.

Cutting off an artist's hands. And letting her live.

Chewing on a spoonful from a bowl of teeth... THAT's horror. This is just extravagant murder.

Horror is torturing a person and then letting killing them slowly. A slit throat, what a waste of time, the character didn't even have time to reflect on his failure.

Sin City. That is HORROR.

Allex Spires

The Trouble With Roy said...

That is, and I've just discovered this comment, too, and will post it... now.

Ryan said...

According to rankopedia, the best three horror movies ever are Alien, The Exorcist the The Thing.

The Trouble With Roy said...

But nobody has submitted those to The Best Of Everything officially, or explained why they should count, so they aren't officially nominated. I've looked at Rankopedia, too, and there's not much discussion of why they like things. If voters anywhere want their choices to be considered The Best they know where to go.

Personally, though, I have trouble counting Alien as a horror movie, since it happened in the future and in space, meaning that it is impossible for me, personally, to experience that fate. A key to a good horror movie is that the viewer has be able to walk in the victim's shoes.