Thursday, February 08, 2007

The Best Romantic Song, New Nominee!

A while back-- almost six months ago, actually -- I posted two options and chose between one for The Best Romantic Song.

Then this week I re-posted that to my Gather spot (look for the link off to the side here) and, who knows, maybe love is in the air because it's almost Valentine's Day (and I've already taken care of part of my present for Sweetie because I ordered flowers for her and they'll be delivered, so I just have to come up with a second present now because I'm pretty sure she'll get something great for me and I have to outdo her. For Christmas, I got her a diamond heart necklace with birthstones for each of the kids' birthdays, so for my birthday she got me a Buffalo Bills' watch, a suit, and remote control inflatable sumo wrestlers. Which you don't think are a real thing, but they are!)

Forgive me for getting off the track, but maybe I wasn't. Because while most of you are thinking "How will The Trouble With Roy ever come up with a present that's better, and more romantic than, inflatable sumo wrestlers?" (Hint: more jewelry) there is a small minority of you that's thinking "Sumo wrestlers, no matter how easily controlled, are NOT romantic."

For that group of people, I give you a more traditional romance, as brought to my, and your, attention by Bradley Bodeker. Bradley has lots of good qualities, and I'm sure one of them is an ability to explain how you could be born in Hawaii and live in Minnesota. But he does have the great sense and taste to like classic INXS, something I spent time last week trying to get The Boy to appreciate. (It was lost on him.)

Bradley also likes Van Morrison, and nominates as The Best Romantic Song "Tupelo Honey." In his words:

"Tupelo Honey" is the best love song because it honors his love, I picture him in total thrall of this woman, and putting nothing before her. I think it's the emotion he puts behind the song that gets me. "She's as Tupelo Honey, just like honey, baby, from the bee (she's an angel)."

You can help judge by listening to Van Morrison singing the song live here:

And if you go back to that link at the top you'll find the others.

And, just because after that song, love is truly in the air, here are the remote control sumos:

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