Wednesday, May 10, 2006

The Best Celebrity Baby (Right Now)

This is an ongoing debate Sweetie and I have, because she very much likes the celebrity magazines and she's always pointing out celebrity babies. I enjoy them to a much lesser extent, and get a better kick out of people making fun of famous people. Or making even more fun of them.

So the other night we're watching VH1's "Celebrity Babies 2006" (which may not be what it was actually called) and the debate began again about which baby we thought was the best. Britney's baby was roundly panned, for example. We debated the rest, and I weighed in with the one I'm going to nominate:

Little Apple Martin.

How can you NOT like that? Look at her: big forehead, slightly googly eyes, a worried/serious expression. She's the best. No other celebrity babies come close. And I don't even like her parents, or think they're particularly good looking. And it's not that Apple herself is good-looking (sorry, baby). It's just that she's the best, hands down, because she takes all these features that on their own would be nothing, or even ugly, and makes them cute by their conglomeration.

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