Wednesday, May 30, 2007

The Best Olsen Twin

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Anonymous said...

um mary kate and ashely are not identical twins its true theyre fraternal twins stupid

The Trouble With Roy said...

Prove it!

To my readers: I can't be 100% sure-- but it looks to me as though Mary Kate left that first comment.

I'm sorry, Mary Kate. I didn't mean to hurt your feelings. But if you really feel you're Ashley's equal, you should go ahead and post under your own name.

Anonymous said...

Do you have some super secret proof (That the Olsen twins themselves are not privy to) that they came from one egg that split after fertilization? Don't think so.

It doesn't matter WHAT they look like. For twins to be identical twins, they MUST come from the same egg. Unless you have proof that they did, it's kind of stupid of you to continue to insist that they are identical, given the fact that MK and Ashley themselves have said numerous times that they are FRATERNAL twins.


The Trouble With Roy said...

Really, Mary Kate should take it as a compliment. Since I think Ashley is the better looking one and more talented, saying that Mary Kate is identical is tantamount to saying that she has some hope, genetically speaking, to catch up to her sister.

But, no, I don't have any proof, beyond the fact that they are clearly identical.

Allie said...

Well I think that Mary Kate is pretty damn amazing. I like both girls, because they are talented and gorgeous, but Mary Kate is a lot more interesting then Ashley.
First of all, her fashion choices. Yeah, people might say that she is goofy, and I have to agree, sometimes she freaking scares me, but still she is interesting. Ashley wears "safe" clothes, while Mary Kate lets her imagination go wild, and that's what real high fashion is about.
Mary Kate was in a lot more shows and movies then Ashley, but that doesn't mean that she is better. It just means that Mary Kate has a passion for acting, which doesn't make her better then Ashley, just like it doesn't make Ashley better then Mary Kate.
Oh, and the point that you made about the "New York Minute" and Mary Kate playing the rebel teen, while Ashley is a perfect daughter... Yeah, that doesn't mean that she is setting an example for girls, because it's just a movie, and there were two roles. Someone had to be the rebel!
Overall, both of the twins are amazing. I personally like Mary Kate better, but that's just my opinion. :]
Cool blog by the way.

Twitch said... excuse my venting. This is an argument that I have been having since I was 12.

A) They are twins, yes, but not identical.
B) They are very similar in looks, and the differences seem to be in environment and diet, yes
C) However, have you ever seen siblings, several years apart who look identical, or very similar (Namely is the adult industry) or mothers and daughters who look the same?
D)Height, or difference thereof, can be argued as a trait of fraternal twins. A previous post stated that it may be genetics that made them a different height...lets think about this one...isn't it genetics that makes the them twins...throw that evidence out.
E)As for fashion and attitude...and the rolls each has played. type casting. MK is better at playing that punky hip cool hyper chick, whereas, Ash has mastered that overly scholarly, overachieving, goodie two-shoes character...ever wonder why those are the roles they are put in EVERY TIME!
F)As for Mary Kate's rock and roll attitude in her roles, that is the roll model of an independent woman, not a rule breaking delinquent.
G)As for their makeup, hairstyles, and clothing...ever heard of a stylist, each girl has one...blame them for the differences in general style...or how about the PR managers? Or the producers of the programs they are in?

I think that for being so ill informed in the careers of these actresses presents the case poorly. You should know that you sound like an overachieving 10 year old boy with a mad crush on Ashley...because of her personality and more "BOHO" style. You hold a grudge against MK for her poor choices in her diet, and off screen behavior (upon which point I agree is the mark of a bad role model) However, her on screen roles have little to nothing to do with her life without makeup.

Lastly, get a life. The only reason I came across this pitiful excuse for a blog was that I was looking for celebrity hairstyles for my wedding. The twins (fraternal) have roughly the same length of hair as I do. Therefore, inspirations. And I personally, would take inspiration from MK's style long before I would Ashley's BECAUSE she is too plain Jane.

Julie said...

Honestly, I think that MK is an amazing actress and she is beautiful. I think they are both amazing girls and she shouldn't get judged for her "style" or her role in movies. These two amazing beautiful lady's have accomplished a lot in their life and I think they are both just as amazing and talented as the other. They are different so what that doesn't mean that you have to the right to judge them and say the other is better.
I get upset because you don't know either of them personally, you only know what the media tells you or what you see in a magazine half of that isn't even true. So, never judge someone you don't know. You really have no right too.