Wednesday, May 17, 2006

The Best High School Mascot

sA while back, I began a project of collecting t-shirts and sweatshirts from schools with unusual mascots -- unusual being by my designaton, of course. So far, I've got UC Santa Cruz's Banana Slugs , the Tarheels, , Pittsburgh State's Gorilla's,, Richmond's Spiders, ,and the Hodag from Wisconsin ,

These are all very unusual, I think you'll
agree, when compared to the usual Spartans and Warriors and Eagles.

But the king of them all I finally got just this last year. The best, weirdest, most perfect mascot of them all. Perfect because it stems from the name of the city, and best because it's so exactly-the-opposite of awe inspiring that it comes full circle back around to inspire awe in a weird, anti-matter way. I couldn't find any logo or mascot or team, so I'll have to go with this:

The Rock Island Rocks.

Don't you love it?


Anonymous said...

The Boiling Springs Bubblers beat all. Who else had a bubble as their mascot?

Anonymous said...

Although I grew up around the Bubblers, you have to give some respect to your neighbors, the Biglerville High School Canners.

The Trouble With Roy said...

Hi, Anonymouses...

While I love comments, feel free to expand and expound on your nominations and provide ID -- I can then post them on the site as formal entries.

Allen said...

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