Thursday, March 01, 2012

The Best Of Everything 100-day 100-question Star Wars Blogathon, Question 11

New to the blogathon? Enter anyway! There's weekly drawings for prizes and it's anybody's game. Official rules here.

1/10 of the way through the Blogathon, and I've got too much to do today to make a big deal out of this, so here's an image to make you forever associate Jar Jar Binks with sex:

And here's today's question:

What does the Cloud City extract from the lower atmosphere of Bespin?

That's worth just 5 points; that's how random numbers work. But read on: you can get extra points.

Quick administrative updates: Andrew Leon got yesterday's question right, and Andrew, Rusty and Grumpy all got 10 points for attacking the sentience of 'droids in a compelling way, with Rusty's in particular being some pretty disturbing fanfic. Andrew leads the Blogathon, and also got 5 points for the Hula Girl.

Additional Bonus Points Available: You can get 50 points for referring someone. Here's how THAT works: you get someone else to enter the Blogathon. That person leaves a comment saying "[ your name here ] got me to enter this." Then THEY get 50 points, and YOU get 50 points -- and you can do this as often as you can find people to start taking part (and so can they!)

Official standings here.


Grumpy Bulldog, March Madman said...

Tibanna gas.

Grumpy Bulldog, March Madman said...

Ha ha, I even spelled it right from memory!

Rusty Webb said...

Wookie gas.

And I came here from Rusty Webb's recommendation. Please forward all points to his account as deemed appropriate.

Andrew Leon said...

Wookie gas? That's just nasty. Do you know what they eat?
Well, of course, the answer to that is everything.
However, I don't think you need to have a city in the clouds to mine wookie gas.

Briane P said...

I feel like I should manipulate the questions so that an answer is "Wookies" just for Rusty, but that would violate the sacred oath I took when I began this Blogathon, so I won't do it. Although now if tomorrow's randomly-selected question's answer is "Wookies" everyone will think I did just that, the way I used to always joke about burning my house down for the insurance money and then burnt my house down for the insurance money and people assumed I'd done it just because I'd previously said I would burn my house for the insurance money.

I kept telling them "I didn't do it because I joked about it! I did it for the insurance money" but they wouldn't listen to me.

discount designer sunglasses said...

very funny image i like this.

Rusty Webb said...

I referred the sunglass guy too I think.

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