Thursday, March 22, 2012

Oxymoron Entertainment can make you a star! (Well, some of you. Not that one guy over there. He's creepy.)

So did you hear about that guy who on his lunch hour break from his day job writing software manuals left a comment on Reddit - -and the comment got optioned into a movie and now he's working fulltime as a screenwriter?

It's a true story, and it led to (a) me wondering whether this company would claim that the work he created on company time is theirs, and (b) every Internet commenter in the world turning their comments into a story:

As I read this blog post of yours on how Jar Jar Binks was actually a representative for the South during Reconstruction, I could only think back to the time I wandered a postapocalyptic world with my friend who looked exactly like Christian Bale... we were searching for Ron Paul's gold, a quixotic task we'd decided on to take our mind off the fact that in mere moments an asteroid made up of tidal waves and nuclear bombs was going to smash into the Earth...

I'll expect my check any day now. Commenting on the Internet is, of course, one way to become famous, but perhaps a better one is to take your good idea (e.g., my foregoing movie, entitled "Me And Christian Bale After The Apocalypse Run Into January Jones Who For Some Reason Is Only Wearing Lingerie") and pitch it to a good production company.

A good production company like Oxymoron Entertainment, a production company that in its 6 years of life has already lived up to its goal of financing and producing original content with true-to-life themes. The company got off to a great start with the 2009 feature Middle Men, starring Luke Wilson and directed by George Gallo, and only went up from there - the intriguingly-titled After Porn Ends (showing the lives of people in the porn industry after retirement) and a 2011 thriller starring Selma Blair titled Columbus Circle.

There's probably a million ways to make it big these days -- but how many work reliably? Click that link to check out the great films from Oxymoron Entertainment, and worry less about making your comments dramatically consistent and more about polishing up your directing, acting, or writing chops to impress them.

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