Sunday, March 25, 2012

And the winner of the First Biweekly Star Wars Blogfest Challenge is...

Before I get to the winner, I need to list the last entrant in this round. That person was Cindy Borgne, author of Vallar, a sci-fi book that sends 16-year-old Ian Connors and his psychic abilities into battle to save the girl of his dreams... who happens to be on the enemy's side.

Sounds exciting, and I've heard good things about it. Judging by Cindy's entry in the Fan Fiction Fan Fiction Blogfest, she's got lots of talent. Vallar is on my reading list, and you should be reading it now. Click here to read Cindy's blogfest entry, which takes a peek inside Obi Wan's mind.

All of the entrants were, again,

Michael Offutt

Elin Gregory.

"Sam" Leon (and Andrew Leon)

Lara Schiffbauer.

Susan Roebuck.

The Golden Eagle.

P.T. Dilloway (a/k/a "Grumpy Bulldog")

Rusty Webb, author of "A Dead God's Wrath."

And, with that, this Biweekly Challenge is closed, and the winner of the first challenge is...

(I left all this space to build up suspense)

(is it working?)

(how 'bout now?)

"Sam" Leon.

Sam's entry won not just because of the fact that the talent he displayed was well beyond how old he actually is, but because he managed to have two levels of Fan Fiction Fan Fiction -- writing his fan fiction about characters someone else created using characters someone else created.

Also, I think that trench scene is among the best of any scene ever in a movie.

Sam doesn't have a book that he can have used as a weekly prize, and I've decided that everyone who entered will at some point have their book used as a weekly prize, so Sam gets a $10 Amazon Gift Card, which I hope he'll use to buy the authentic Clone Wars Glow In The Dark Decals that he can use to finally decorate that Imagination Room... unless that kills the magic.

Andrew: I assume if I send it to you, Sam will get it?

Thanks to everyone who entered, and each of the authors who entered will see their books becoming one of the weekly prizes. Tomorrow, I will announce the next Biweekly Blogfest Challenge. It's much easier, and, of course, rules mean nothing to me! (BWAHAHAHHAHAA!)

That works better when Grumpy does it


Andrew Leon said...

Yep, he will get it, I just told him about, so that pretty much seals that. He's kind of bouncing on the ottoman in happiness and says to tell you "thanks! very thanks!"

If I can pull it all together, there will be more of his work, as well as the works of the other kids in my class, available soon. More details as I have them.

Thanks, Briane. I appreciate this in that I really appreciate anything that encourages him to stick with his writing and push through the hard parts.

Cindy said...
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Cindy said...

Congrats to Sam.

Cindy said...

Oh..and thanks for posting my book.

Blogger said...

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