Sunday, March 18, 2012

Another excellent entry into the Star Wars Blogfest!

Between now and March 25, the first of the Star Wars Biweekly Writing Challenges is going on. Your entry gets you 100 points in the Star Wars Blogathon, but so much more than that, too, including:

Your own post here on TBOE (with 1,000(s?) of viewers per day!) and

If your story
is the best of the round, your book will become one of the Weekly Prizes given out every Sunday here at TBOE for the Blogathon. (And, every comment each week is an entry in the weekly drawing, so you can win prizes every Sunday even if you don't get the question right.)

I'll probably also throw in some other junk while I'm at it. I'm in a giving mood these days.

Anyway, the latest entry I've been made aware of is from The Golden Eagle, who blogs at The Eagle's Aerial Perspective. This award-winning blogger wrote an entry I decided to call Googling Chewbacca. Read it here.

Other authors who've already done this:

P.T. Dilloway (a/k/a "Grumpy Bulldog")

Rusty Webb, author of "A Dead God's Wrath."

If you've posted your entry, let me know in a comment here!

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