Thursday, March 29, 2012

"Amalgam" is a cool word, and other things I know about cool.

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Kia Rio for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

I know that you come here to find out from me, your source for all opinions that are rightest, what is The Best, which means that you are smart, because I know things like that. 

And I will continue to fulfill my role of telling you what is The Best by giving you another one: The best song to listen to with your windows down.

Summer’s coming – heck, it’s already here in Wisconsin, with 70-degree days – which means it’s time to let those people around you in traffic know what music you love: Put the windows down, turn the music up, and blast away!

But not with just ANY old song. You can’t just go putting on the Captain & Tennille, or something like that, and cranking the sound up.  The traffic jam, the stoplit intersection – these places are jungles and you’ll be eaten alive.

To help you avoid that, I’m teaming up with Kia Rio and Spotify to help you be sure what song to play with the windows down by using Kia Rio and Spotify’s "Best Songs with your Windows Down" playlist. It’s a simple playlist that’ll give you the best songs to blast all summer long, and you can add to them.

Over on Spotify, there’s an addable  list of sorts that you can access through Facebook, too. So what you do is you go to Facebook, put in your my name and email and you get access to the list and can add your songs and see what others have chosen.

It couldn’t be simpler. See? I did it:

Kia Rio

And you can too: click the Facebook link:

type your name and email, submit your song.  Then view the playlist in Spotify to see what other people are telling you you should listen to.  You may have to download Spotify, but I’m sure you’ve already done that. (If you haven’t, don’t tell anyone and go DO IT. Keep up with the times, man!)

Mostly you’ll spend your time listening to my suggestion -- “Common People,” clearly the best song for this sort of thing because it melds rock music and William Shatner into an amalgam of coolness.  (And the word “amalgam” made that sentence even more cool, so go with it.). Captain Kirk shouting about how rich people suck? PURE COOL.

Oh, and one extra-cool extra thing? That would make this even better? If you had the voice-activated UVO Entertainment system from Kia.  Their UVO gives you a 4.3” color LCD screen that shows you rear-view camera, lets you control your music, and even serves as an in-car jukebox, storing up to 700MB of your favorite songs (like “Common People,” right? We all like that one, now, right?) Hands-free controls on a display that’ll make your TV cry with shame and inferiority – and you can just shout out the names of the songs that you want to hear and get them played.

What are you waiting for? I’ve outlined it: go listen to my song, then pick your own and add it – and leave a comment telling me what you added or would add and why. 

Tired of reading? Sit back and let this magic video explain:

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