Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The Best Of Everything 100-day 100-question Star Wars Blogathon, Question 10

Here is, for no reason other than it's what I was watching with the sound off while I talked on the phone, a video of a girl with a hula hoop:

I'ts 4:48 p.m. as I type this. I didn't mean to post it so late but that's what happens when one works for a living, I'm told, on which subject: everyone congratulate Rusty for not being fired!

Some updates on extra points: earning 5 points for mentioning the Blogathon on their blog are Grumpy Bulldog, who actually got 10 for mentioning it on his blog and another blog; Andrew Leon previously earned 5 points for that, too. You get 5 points every time you mention it in a new post, but you have to let me know so I can go add the points in with each new one.

Anyhoo! Grumpy got yesterday's question, and has now moved into second place. I thought yesterday's question was a little weak, myself, but remember, I'm Plagiarizing fair-using these from a book, so it's not me, it's the guy who got paid money to ask questions about something someone else created. USA! USA!

The R4-P17 is an "astromech" droid. Andrew Leon, who is apparently a rabid anti-droidite, took issue with calling a droid a co-pilot in his comment, but again: I didn't write the book about someone else's creations, I simply am using the stuff someone else wrote about stuff someone else created. (That sentence actually describes almost to a T what 90% of a lawyer's job is.)

But on that subject: Why shouldn't a droid (the word is copyrighted, so I'm really courting lawsuits, here) be a co-pilot? The 'droids in Star Wars are sentient, aren't they?

Or are they?

I would Google the question "Are the 'droids in Star Wars sentient or not?" except that (a) it's already 5:00 p.m. now and I'm officially working overtime, and (b) I'm going to leave that open to debate in the comments, and (c) I'm also a little stunned by the fact that there is something called the "Brickipedia," and we live in a world where people have enough time to create entire websites devoted to Legos.

Not that I'm arguing against that, since The Best Of Everything is pretty much an electronic monument to half-baked ideas and lost productivity, but still... I try to temper the amount of time and money I spend doing stupid or wasteful stuff with an equal amount of time doing nice/charitable/good stuff, and I'm pretty successful at that, so keep in mind that while I've now spent 15 minutes doing this, I also today agreed to represent a woman in a legal case that she can't really afford to hire me on, for less than I would ordinarily charge to do so because she started crying when she realized she couldn't afford me, and I'm counting on that somehow evening out when I go face The Great Astromech In The Sky, where I expect I'll have an easier time than Andrew, what with him being against equal rights for 'droids and all...

... and really, wouldn't it be terrifyingly awesome if when you died, you went up to Heaven and faced a giant, bearded R2-D2 who beeped questions at you and judged your life?

This is all going nowhere and I'm tired. I will wrap up by pointing out that if you wanted to get a Lego version of R4-P17, you are sadly out of luck because Lego only produced the dome rather than the entire body of the 'droid.

Here's today's question:

What was Chancellor Valorum's homeworld?

As always, first correct answer gets the points; today's question is worth 21. I will also give 10 bonus points to anyone who, in their comment, presents a compelling case for or against the sentience of 'droids, with 5 extra points if you manage to work into the explanation that Hula Hoop girl.

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Michael Offutt, Tebow Cult Initiate said...


Andrew Leon said...


Andrew Leon said...

He also died on Coruscant in a terrorist attack.

As for the droids:
Droids in the Star Wars universe are denied sentience by having their minds wiped on a regular basis. 3PO and R2 are rare examples of droids that have been allowed to remain wipe free long enough to be considered sentient beings (and Owen Lars almost brought that to an end). It's not that droids can't be sentient, just that they are kept from it by owners that don't want their droids exhibiting free thought and free will.

There are a few examples of droids that developed sentience and escaped their masters, the reason for restraining bolts, and became bounty hunters. Both IG-88 and 4-LOM are examples.

At any rate, I'm not anti-droid. If I had a droid, I'm sure I'd let it build up enough memories to become self aware. However, seeing that droids are, for the most part, not self aware, I don't think they should be called co-pilots.

Andrew Leon said...

And I'm really not liking this lack of an ability to subscribe to the comments >:(
But I will check back later.

Andrew Leon said...

Oh, yeah, I forgot.
My younger son spends tons and tons of time on the Lego site and all kinds of things related to Legos. He has a Lego creator program downloaded and build digital items that he can't build for real or experiments online before going to build things for real.

And the hula girl is being manipulated by a sentient droid. That's why she keeps changing colors.

Rusty Webb said...

Wookies. In fact, Wookies are the reason droids aren't sentient. In the dawn of the galactic empire (republic, whatever) droids and Wookies were companions, but when a droid that was in love with a Wookie accidentaly electrocuted its true love in a well meaning gesture of droid commitment, which includes sharing data via an electrical socket, well, it was deemed droids can't be sentient because they electrocute the ones they love.

And now you know.

Also, I Vallorum is from Vulcan. Alliteration trumps everything. It's basic cladistics.

Briane P said...

Kids are exempt from the 'do equal amounts of charity for screwing around'. I wish when I was a kid I'd had a website like that.

Andrew Leon said...

I wish when I was a kid there'd been websites.
Of course, I wouldn't have had a computer, so, maybe, I don't wish that.

Grumpy Bulldog, March Madman said...

I remember in one of the early Timothy Zahn Star Wars novels he talks about how if you don't wipe an astromech droid's memory often enough it can become bonded to the particular ship it's plugged into, which happened with R2D2 and Luke Skywalker's X-Wing. I don't know if that would qualify as making them sentient or not.

If I remember the end of Revenge of the Sith, Captain Antilles says to erase C3PO's memory but I don't think they say anything about R2D2. And if they didn't wipe R2, couldn't he have told Luke about his father?

Andrew Leon said...

Yeah, they wipe 3PO at the end of Sith but not R2. Still, the 20 years or so after that that 3PO wasn't wiped was long enough for him to become self aware.

One of the leading theories about R2 has been that he was an agent of the rebellion that entire time from the end of Sith on through. It neccesitated him not having his memory wiped, but he was already self aware by the end of Sith anyway. At any rate, R2 keeps secrets, and the secret about Vader was one of the secrets he kept.

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