Saturday, March 17, 2012

Another Excellent Blogfest Entry! (Star Wars Biweekly Blogfest Challenge)

I'm trying to keep up with all the people who said they'd enter. If you know of someone who has posted a Star Wars Biweekly Blogfest Writing Challenge, let me know or better yet, have that person leave a comment here so I can go check it out, link to it, and give them their points and have them entered.

(Details of this blogfest are HERE. You have until 3/25 to post this biweekly entry, and then there'll be another one.)

The newest entry is from Grumpy Bulldog, a/k/a author P. T. Dilloway, who's hard at work on his superhero series but who took the time to provide a story of his character Frost, from his John Irving-esque masterpiece, Where You Belong, writing fan fiction. Grumpy's piece really captures why people write fan fiction. Read it here.

And if you haven't bought Where You Belong, I highly suggest you spend your Saturday doing that. Well, and reading it. Why would you just buy a book and not read it? So go spend your day buying and reading Where You Belong. Find it and all Dilloway's books on his author page here.

Hey, writers! Are you starting to see why you'd want to enter this blogfest? I got 1,089 pageviews on this blog yesterday. You write 250 words about one of your characters writing some Star Wars fan fiction, I post it here, and 1,089 people learn about your book.

Other smart authors who did this:

Rusty Webb, author of "A Dead God's Wrath."

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