Friday, March 23, 2012

The 100-day, 100-Question Great Star Wars Blogathon, Question 30

HERE is the photo I mentioned yesterday, the one I took at great risk of life and limb to the other drivers around me. The car you want to look at is the red one; the license says "SKYWKR" or something like that. I can't remember. It was yesterday morning.

Really, this seems very anticlimactic now. But in my mind, yesterday morning, as I wove in and out of traffic trying to catch that T-16, it seemed very exciting.

Today's question, worth 34 points:

What was Madame Jocasta Nu's position in the Jedi Temple?

A. Wookie.
B. Archivist
C. Padawan.
D. Medical droid.
E. Han Shot First!

Commenter number 3 gets the 10 extra points, provided that he or she is not commenter 7.


Andrew Leon said...

She's the librarian.

Andrew Leon said...

I don't think they would let her do that job if she was a wookie. I mean, really, how would feel if you found a wookie hair in -your- holocron?

Andrew Leon said...

So... now that I'm commenter #3, I just have to avoid commenting again, correct?

Andrew Leon said...

Well, okay, one more time... cause I can risk one more time.
Normally, I wouldn't go after the bonus points, but Grumpy's been beating me to the punch a lot, lately, and you just put too good a spin on it today for me not to do this.

Rusty Webb said...

A: Wookie

Wait, can someone's job be, to be a species, or race? I mean, that seems kind of, I don't know, very affirmative action-y.

... oh, I see she was a librarian, that makes much more sense. Actually, putting Wookie up as a possible answer, and that not actually being the answer. I don't know, that seems kind of wrong.

Grumpy Bulldog, March Madman said...

Everywhere needs a Wookie.