Sunday, March 25, 2012

And now: The WHAMMY! Question... The 100-day, 100-Question Great Star Wars Blogathon, Question 32

Remember: To answer the WHAMMY! question, you do not comment. You answer by clicking this link and emailing me your answer. (I don't sell emails, etc etc blah blah blah).(if the link doesn't work for some reason, email to thetroublewithroy[at]

If you get it right, you get the points you wagered yesterday. If you get it wrong, you lose those points.

And if you are answer number 2, as determined by when your emails appear in my inbox, you WHAMMY! and lose.

Here is your question, Jedis and Siths. And it's an essay question... of sorts:
In the Battle of Yavin, there are three TIE fighters bearing down on Luke as he nears the exhaust port. One of them is shot by Han Solo. What happens to the other two?

Oh, and the winner of this week's random drawing for comments was Cindy Borgne. Cindy, you get two ebooks -- you can choose one of any one of my books (a list here), and one book from any person who entered the Blogfest.

Those entrants were, again:

Michael Offutt

Elin Gregory.

"Sam" Leon (and Andrew Leon)

Lara Schiffbauer.

Susan Roebuck.

The Golden Eagle.

P.T. Dilloway (a/k/a "Grumpy Bulldog")

Rusty Webb, author of "A Dead God's Wrath."

I'm not sure if they all have books.


Andrew Leon said...

Hey, that's a good question.

So... the question is do I try to get in first or wait it out and hope some other people answer before me.

Decisions, decisions...

Rusty Webb said...

I have the dubious honor of hoping that a Wookie was involved. Are you sure Chewy didn't shoot the other two? I bet the did, Lucas just changed it in the re-release.

Andrew Leon said...

Well, Chewie may have done the shooting? It's actually unclear who fired the actual shots. All we really know is that they came from the Falcon.

Cindy said...

Thanks. I'll take Eclipse and After sound good. :)

Andrew Leon said...

Anyway... now that you're through with this question, I had this Star Wars trivia book when I was a kid, and there was a question about this in it. Something like:

Who caused Darth Vader to go spinning off into space?

The listed answer was Han Solo. It always made me so mad that they had the wrong answer in a book that had been published. I mean, hadn't any of them actually watched the movie?!?!