Thursday, March 22, 2012

Hey, look who else entered the Biweekly Blogfest Writing Challenge!

In between posts of NFL players with very few clothes and Star Wars Blogathon trivia questions, I'm also running the Star Wars Blogfest; the current challenge is "Fan Fiction Fan Fiction," and ends on 3/25, and between now and then you have to post a 250-word or less entry in which a character of yours writes a Star Wars fan fiction.

And the latest phenomenal writer to take up the Lightsaber of Writing Challenges after placing the Blast Helmet Of Creativity over his eyes so that he can use the Force to create the Tiny Laser Shooting Orb of Stories...

... man, that metaphor did not work, and I apologize for it...

anyway, the latest entrant is "Sam" Leon, the son of Reader of the Month/Current Blogathon Leader Andrew Leon. Sam wrote his Fan Fiction Fan Fiction using characters from Andrew's great book The House On The Corner (my review of that book here), and I have to say, it's awesome. It's called "Into the Trench." Read it here.

"Sam" gets 100 points, and earns 100 points for Andrew as well, in the Star Wars Blogathon, and Andrew gets 5 points for mentioning it on his blog, too. And they're all eligible for the prize; the winner will be announced Sunday, 3/25.

If you've posted your Blogfest entry and haven't seen it mentioned here yet, let me know. Michael Offutt and Elin Gregory, I'm getting to yours.

Other great authors who have posted in the Blogfest:

Lara Schiffbauer

Susan Roebuck.

The Golden Eagle.

P.T. Dilloway (a/k/a "Grumpy Bulldog")

Rusty Webb, author of "A Dead God's Wrath."


Michael Offutt, Tebow Cult Initiate said...

Oh thanks for the shout out.

Andrew Leon said...

You know what? The metaphor may not have worked, but "Sam" will like it anyway.