Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The 100-day, 100-Question Great Star Wars Blogathon, Question 34

Man, I cannot get this right. Luckily for me, no matter what Andrew says about Star Wars, it's correct, and so however much I screw up the question, Andrew rescues me.

I paraphrased yesterday's question from my source material, and ended up blowing it. I was looking for Cellblock 1138, as Andrew guessed first, but either way, he got the answer right. The 1138 refers to George Lucas' film THX 1138,

Which I never saw but that preview makes me want to see it. And which, although I didn't plan this, build's on The Suddenly Affable Bulldog's post yesterday about how the powers-that-be want to keep people from having sex and to do that build subliminal messages into kids' cartoons by having only the bad guys ever get to second base before marriage. The logical result of that is a world in which the government keeps you happy via programming and drugs and nobody ever gets to have sex unless they first escape the city and live through a dwarf attack (which is exactly how Obamacare is going to work once it's fully phased in. No wonder people are fighting it so ferociously!)

Having dispensed with the images of government-controlled, dwarf-free sexual activity, let's get on to today's question, worth 16 points:

Which form of lightsaber combat did Obi Wan specialize in?

A. Mixed martial arts (a/k/a Hobo Crotch Kicking)
B. Form III
C. Form I
D. Form II
E. All of them. He's freakin' Obi Wan, man.
F. The sexiest kind.

Don't forget: The current Biweekly Blogfest Challenge is a Star Wars-themed haiku. Get 'em in by April 8.

Commenter number 4 gets the 10 extra points -- if they're not commenter 3. Here's a little something for Rusty:

I think the fact that one of those Wookies has boobs explains a lot about Rusty.


Grumpy Bulldog, March Madman said...

Looking around Wookiepedia it seems like E, all of them. One article says he did Form VI whatever that is.

Andrew Leon said...

Obi-Wan's true mastery was form III: Soresu. He originally was specializing in form IV: Ataru but switched after Qui-Gon's defeat at the blade of Darth Maul. Mace Windu acknowledged Obi-Wan as THE master of Soresu.
As a side note: Yoda mastered all 7 forms of lightsaber combat.

You should see THX 1138. It's a good movie. Interestingly enough, it's not a movie Lucas ever wanted to make. It was originally a short film he did for a class; when he graduated, he was approached to have it made into a movie. He didn't actually feel the story was appropriate for something that was movie length but eventually agreed to make it. It's initial lack of success at the box office would convince him he'd been right about not making it into a movie.

Rusty Webb said...

Which form is Wookie style? That's the one he mastered the best.

Also, girl Wookies have boobs? Who knew?

Grumpy Bulldog, March Madman said...

Whee, 10 points!

Grumpy Bulldog, March Madman said...

I honestly didn't realize they had different styles. I thought you just swung the lightsaber around. Which makes me want the Star Wars game for Kinect where you get to play lightsaber battles and such. At least I hope it's better than the Clone Wars game for Wii that was pretty lame because you had to use the nunchuk to move around, limiting how well you could move your sword around. But that's always the problem with Wii games.

Lara Schiffbauer said...

I'm with Grumpy, I had no idea there were actual styles to lightsaber fighting. Did all this information come about by people writing fan fiction and elaborating on George Lucas's original ideas, or is it all George?

Andrew Leon said...

No, it's not fan fiction. It's also not all George. Some of it comes from people that work for Lucas, especially the writers of the series The Clone Wars. Most of it comes from licensed books and comics. Essentially, the authors have permission to write in the Star Wars universe, and that stuff gets incorporated into what's called the Expanded Universe. At this point, they have to write within accepted continuity and have to have everything approved. However, Lucas doesn't bind himself to it and only considers certain areas actual Star Wars canon, the stuff that actually comes out of lucasfilms itself. Like the Force Unleashed games and the Clones Wars series.

Rusty Webb said...

Briane - maybe you can make one of your future questions something you can really stump Andrew on, like, What is your favorite color of droid? Or, how come every time I watch Star Wars, do I always have to get peanut butter Cap'n Crunch to eat?

Something like that, then we all have a chance.

Andrew Leon said...

I can totally answer that about the Peanutbutter Cap'n Crunch. Because it's awesome!

And everyone's favorite droid color is black and copper. It's been proven.

Rusty Webb said...

Fine - what Star Wars action figure had its head come off inside Rusty's nose as a child during a dare gone horribly wrong?

If you guess that one right, Andrew, I will petition for your disqualification due to Jedi mind tricks.

Andrew Leon said...

Well... I'm going to guess Luke Skywalker. I'll even be more specific and guess the original Luke action figure in the Tatooine garb.

Rusty Webb said...

Ha! I totally got you on that one. It was my Obi Wan, he and Han had these teeny little heads (the heads got bigger in later editions I think) and that head popped right off.

I was able to remove it without a visit to the emergency room, which means I did better than my own kid, who had to deal with a team of doctors digging pepperoni out of his ear.

But that's beside, the point, which is that I did better than my kid regarding childhood stuff stuck in an orifice.

Oh, and you did get something wrong in the Star Wars trivia contest... even if it's unofficial, man, I hope Briane is paying attention.

Andrew Leon said...

Well, I was going off of a completely educated guess:
1. The Luke Skywalker was the most common figure that people owned.
2. It had a known issue with its head coming off (I bet you didn't know that). It seemed like the best bet in the situation.

Why, exactly, did you stick Obi-Wan up your nose?

Rusty Webb said...

I had the Luke but I managed to lose the whole figure, not just the head. My Han and Obi Wan had super teeny heads, they were wobbly right from the start. Later versions weren't like that. I assumed the whole run of the early toys had the same problem - well, maybe not Chewy, Wookies don't have necks.

It was a good guess, it was just wrong! I'm happy, you're not a machine. You're a man!

And I don't want to talk about how the whole ugly incident started.