Friday, February 20, 2009

You know what's a REAL mystery? How they get all those Pringles to stack up so neatly. That's what I'm working on here.

Time for you to get up off your duffets and start using all those detective skills you've honed watching all those detective shows on TV. Yes, if you watch things like "Monk" and "Law and Order" and "How I Met Your Mother" (what? It's kind of a mystery!), or if you enjoy reading mysteries, or if, perhaps, you are an underemployed private investigator with time on your hands, the mystery lover in you can now do what you've always wanted to do: solve mysteries.

You can do that through "5 Minute Mystery," a new site that lets you join up, read a mystery, and then solve it to earn points and move up in the sleuthing rankings. (The site was featured on ABC news; you can see the video here.)

Each Monday and Friday, "5 Minute Mystery" releases a new brief mystery -- clever ones, too, like the "Rhyming President's Mystery," a poem that asks you to determine which of the presidential paintings was lying (I like the poem, too). Solve the mystery and get points. The answers are posted the next day, in case you get stumped. You can even get into the archives and solve old mysteries.

They've got leagues available, I see, and some help for fundraisers, but the big draw is going to be solving mysteries. Why let Monk and Detective Benson and Jason Segal have all the fun when you can get going on solving your own mysteries now?


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