Monday, February 23, 2009

2-4-6-8, who do we iCoaster -ate?... no, doesn't quite work.

I can I can iCoaster... I'm just trying to come up with a cool rallying cry/trash talk to use in my next session on the MagNext arena game "iCoaster." I've played and written about this game before, but I can't say enough about the whole site.

Magnext lets you create a free account and once in, become a magnetic supercool futuristic sphere that takes part in all kinds of games, from challenge puzzle games to my newest favorite, "iCoaster." Your little avatar/sphere goes racing around this roller coaster track at what feels like lightspeed while you've got to click and replace the missing tracks ahead of you to keep from flying off. It's like a race game crossed with Tetris, only faster and more addictive; this is the game that's going to get me fired if I don't find a way to master it soon, because I can't quit playing it.

And I'm not even that good at it yet. But I will be, because it's seriously compelling and provides a good rush of fun. It's like I've said a lot of times before: the best games are the ones that are deceptively simple. Games like litigation, golf, and "iCoaster."

Magnext doesn't just have "iCoaster," either; there are tons of different games to play there, and by earning points the person playing can customize their little sphere. Another nice thing about it: You can encourage your friends to join up and play them online, and the games are good for any age level of player. There's nothing scary or hardcore about them, so I could in theory master this game, then challenge my six-year-old nephew to a contest in it, and whoop him, making up for all those times I had to let him win at croquet.

Not that I'd do that. Not yet, at least.


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