Wednesday, February 04, 2009

I hope never to have to invoke plan B.

The only ads and commercials people like are Super Bowl ads, right? That's what I decided this week, when I watched the big game on DVR, but refused to fast forward through the ads. Deliberately watching the ads was a big change for me -- because I spend so much time trying, otherwise, to avoid commercials. I listen to music on my iPod, I DVR all my TV shows, I make Sweetie pre-read magazines and remove the ads for me...

... well, I SHOULD...

... and as a result, I successfully avoid most advertising. Except for pop-up ads. I sit at my computer and I'm barraged with pop-ups and pop-unders and probably pop-asides or pop-acrosses or whatever's next.

That's why I'm excited to try the new free version of "AdMuncher." The AdMuncher people say it'll block ads in Explorer and Firefox -- I use both -- plus a lot of other browsers, and that it "Kills unwanted popups." I like that: KILLS them. Plus it takes out advertising in other programs like LimeWire and Kazaa, and they say it can speed up page loading -- which is important. Who wants to wait all day for the Peanuts comics to load? Not me. I'm a busy guy.

The program is promised to do a whole lot more, too -- so if you, like me, want to avoid ads, have a faster computer, keep your private stuff private, and otherwise improve your surfing experience, then click here to Try Ad Muncher now for free.

Or just ask nicely, and Sweetie might come over and click away all those pop-ups for you. That's my plan B.

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