Thursday, February 12, 2009

Foolin' Around The Organic Way

Warning: If you are easily offended, the subject matter of this post may not be for you. Then again, if you are easily offended, the Internet may not be for you. Or life in the 21st century, in fact. So maybe ease yourself into being less easily offended by reading this post. It's actually pretty tame.

Do you want to celebrate Valentine's Day properly, but keep getting frustrated by the fact that there's no healthy, organic, forward-thinking, progressive-approved way to get, and keep, in the mood? Well, fret no longer, because the folks that brought you great tasting fresh produce without all the pesticide aftereffects, Whole Foods, have the solution for this Valentine's Day: They've produced an actual Libido Podcast series that gives you natural libido enhancing ideas.

These podcasts will give you ideas and tips on the herbal supplements that'll keep your libido revving in an organic, natural way -- and also on simple lifestyle changes that will enhance the romance (hey, that rhymes!) in your life. And you know what enhanced romance means, guys, right? It means she'll let you choose the TV channel when you go to bed at night.

Well, maybe I could use a little more romance in my life, too. The tips in the Whole Foods podcasts aren't just herbal supplements, but ideas like a candlelit dinner with aphrodisiac foods. While my aphrodisiac of choice is cold pizza, others may want to set the table with chocolate, oysters and white onions.

Or use the aromatherapy tips , or even the healthy, natural massage oils they promote. The podcasts will tell you about medicinal plants like Maca and Rhodiola that have historically supported healthy sexy drives, and also help improve energy overall.

Valentine's Day is no longer the exclusive province of the Cheeto-Eating, soda-chugging slobs (e.g., me) that have dominated it so far. Check out the podcast from Whole Foods and start getting busy, the natural way.

Libido Podcast

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